Change, So Not Me

Do you have a special writing place? A special place to think? Do bills? Pray? Exercise? Well, I do. It’s called my side of the bed and it’s where all my brilliant ideas start and come to life.

My side of the bed is soft and comfortable, as it cost a pretty penny to get tempurpedic.  My side of the bed does not smell like foot, because I Febreeze it on a daily basis.  My side of the bed is near the window, where even in twenty-three degree weather, it is still cracked open because I love the feel of the brisk air on my face.

What I do not like is when the occupant on the other side of the bed stares at me, but claims to not be reading over my shoulder.  Cheater! I allow no person or dog, for that matter, to read over my shoulder while I’m writing because it’s just downright RUDE! Yes, rude. And it spoils my creative juices.

So today, after hearing the other occupant not snore (in his opinion), I was forced to change locations.  Forced, I tell you. Forced.  The way my cats force me to wake-up and open the room door for them.  The way I am forced to pay my bills in a timely fashion or suffer the 29.99% APR.

frustratedAnd, so, I made my way into the livingroom/dinning room combo with computer, water bottle, and stalker dog in tote.  I found me a piece of homemade peanut butter chocolate to calm my nerves then opened chapter twenty.  Then I ate more chocolate, and stared at the screen.  Then I ate some peanut butter and sugar Chex mix, and stared at the screen.  I petted a dog, hugged a cat, pee’d, drank water, chatted up with my brother then stared at the screen.

I typed a few sentences but my inner characters yelled at me. The expression, “#!@*” came from one character, while the other stuck out her tongue and walked away to the further reaches of my brain.  What was I supposed to do?

I blogged about it.

Tania L Ramos (frustrated author)


2 responses to “Change, So Not Me

  1. Like you, I have my own set of rituals that I like to keep for sanity’s sake.

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