Author Taxes

Taxes! Nobody likes them, and here in the states it is that season again. I made a major error in watching my tax status when I went back to work last February. The problem: I left work on disability in Feb  2011, and knowing my last paycheck wouldn’t suffice carrying me into a disability check, I chose to file exempt. One year later, upon returning to the work place, I forgot to change that exemption until late summer. Ouch!

Is there redemption? I sure as high heavens hope so.  Here is what I have learned from my first year of publishing, or being an independent sales entity (as the tax man puts it):

  • Any monies put toward producing a tangible good is a write-off (ie, publishing)
  • Any monies put toward marketing and advertising is a write-off (ie, bookmarks, flyers, book trailer, websites…)
  • Any monies put toward research for a tangible good is a write-off (ie, trip to Alien Hwy for info toward my scifi book, hotel, gas)
  • Any monies toward a professional association is a write-off (ie, writer’s club, conferences)
  • Any monies put toward necessities of the trade are write-offs (computer, printer, programs)

moneyThese write-offs may be my saving grace, as I have well over $10,000, the bulk being the cost to iUniverse and those pesky review houses I will never use again. Much more is to the physical print books I purchased and give away for review, gifts, and giveaway promotions.  The rest is incidental.

My question to authors with experience is: am I missing anything? Granted, I am in the U.S. so this is sort of exclusive, but for those elsewhere, please give away any tax secrets you may know.  In this day and age, we all need our pennies, loonies, or pounds before we lose an arm and a leg.

Tania L Ramos

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2 responses to “Author Taxes

  1. I have nominated you for The Beautiful Blogger Award. If you wish to accept please visit my blog for further details.

  2. I hope those tax rules are the same in Canada, because I’ll have about $5000 to write off. Woo! Not that I made all that much money in 2012, but still … saved money is saved money, right?

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