Getting to the Point

Fifteen chapters in to my latest book, and I feel like I am on a major role here.  Except at chapter fifteen of my last book, I was rapidly reaching a major turning point and all signs pointed toward approaching the climax.  In this book, I feel I am still searching for the turning point.

Are there differences? I suppose there are. In Be Still the chapters were longer, whereas in this untitled book, the chapters are relatively short.  I also started Be Still with a major catastrophe, so the story started on a sort of climax then hit major lows followed by highs.  In the new novel, it starts with a razor blade, very dark and progresses at a slower pace. I also have to contend with a bit more of a back story  in this new book.

I know it’s not just me, because I’ve read so many other blogs and spoken with many other authors, but to me writing the first chapters is like listening to a long-winded friend set up the scene to an even longer story.  I just want to shout, “Get to the point already!” Which is exactly how I feel writing this story.  I want to get to the climax already. I’m so excited to get to the point and tell this.

This is the point where I get frustrated, it seems.  That pinnacle point of building up the story and the characters.  The work load and brunt of story telling.  But it’s also the point where I have to make the story compelling so readers need to know more.  Still, I can’t wait for the big crash of the orchestra drums to mount as I finally let the characters explode in their momentous (and devious) twist of the plot, so readers say, “I didn’t see that coming.” And I finally have my readers captive to the slippery slope of the next twist, and I stand high on my tower of books and let out a maniacal, “muahahahaha.”


Tania L Ramos


5 responses to “Getting to the Point

  1. Sounds intriguing on intrigue, suspense building at it’s best …
    And, that’s just the article you’ve written here “About” getting to the point…
    I must say that’s the one thing that has kept me from attempting an actual book…Personifying a character from thin air…to appease intimate familiarity to every reader that meets them…wow.
    And then of course, there are the other characters…
    I would probably follow my first “Character” down a rabbit trail to the point of no return….Bless You
    Keep up the great work…
    Happy New Year

  2. I can’t imagine writing a book and I so admire those who do. It seems that all that spills out of me are essays or short pieces. Sounds like you are having such fun!

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