Who are Blue Harvest Creative?

So much has happened since this time last year in my wonderful new found life as a published author.  I have made some great friends, readers and authors alike.  I have found that I do have a voice, even though I still try to fly below the radar. And I’ve discovered publishing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Definitely not the get rich and famous overnight shade of glasses I thought it to be.  It takes work, and it sometimes takes a village across the globe to raise a book.

Blue Harvest Creative

Blue Harvest Creative

So I would like to give my appreciation to a few of the great people, groups, and things I have found along the way to this place and time in my life.  I had previously introduced you to Michelle Proulx, and today, I would like to celebrate Blue Harvest Creative.  This is a husband and wife run business, and it seems they are an amazing team.  Vern is the graphic design artists who has created multiple book covers and websites for authors such as Katie Jennings and AD Trosper (whose book The Writing Apocalypse Team is currently reading).  These covers are amazing.

I met Vern through LinkedIn, when I posted a trade reads comment.  It was a “you read mine and i’ll read yours,” and we leave honest feedback.  Vern quickly responded, though he is not an author, and asked that I read one of his client’s books and he would read mine. I thought that was pretty awesome that he would do that for a client.  It only goes to show how sometimes you get a little more special attention from the so-called little businesses. I loved that about Vern, and became immediate email friends, always pointing out something new or interesting to each other.

Vern’s wife does editing, and I’ve read Katie Jennings book, “When Empires Fall,” which was edited by Blue Harvest Creative, and I must say the editing was great. I may have caught one or two grammatical errors, but nothing major that I haven’t caught in a traditionally published book.  Most recently, I have asked them to send me recommendations for The Writing Apocalypse website,  because that is how much I trust their work.

All-in-all, I have really enjoyed the new relationship with this company, but more so the people. They are very friendly and kind, and those are the kinds of people I would like to surround myself in, not only in the real world,but also the literary world. So I celebrate Blue Harvest Creative as a business and also as people I have met along this wonderful journey in becoming a bestselling author. Please visit their page to see their work, and remember: if you are an independent author, try and look to other independent businesses for your publishing needs.

This post is not a commercial, it is a simple thank you to the amazing people I have met over the past year.  I think we need to recognize some of the people or businesses that have been invaluable along the way. Please take time to recognize somebody this season.

Blue Harvest Creative at www.blueharvestcreative.com

also on WordPress

Katie Jennings: When Empires Fall

AD Trosper


One response to “Who are Blue Harvest Creative?

  1. ‘Sometimes it takes a village across the globe to raise a book.’
    Love it! Brilliantly said.
    It’s always the relationships we form that end up impacting our lives the most. Ten years from now we’ll be exactly who we are now, but for the books we read and the people we meet.
    Thanks so much for reminding me of this fact, and for being generous enough to give a shout out to the people who have helped you along the way. A timely reminder for me as well!

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