iUniverse Royalty Payout Breakdown

Last night I received a royalty check from iUniverse.  It was an actual, physical check, which is not what I signed up for, because I don’t want to be charged a fee, and I don’t want to wait until I make $25 or more before receiving payment. I like instant gratification, and the free kind is best.  I am subscribed for direct deposit so I pay no fees and get my payment no matter how small it may be.

I said, I would report anything I learned about iUniverse and try to be as unbiased as possible.  As such, I will only state the facts about this account for Be Still, since I have thus far received two royalty payments.  Keep in mind, the first installment I had just put the book out and only had a little over a month in that sales quarter.

Here are the results:

2nd quarter:

Books Sold: 12

Net sales: $62.68

Payable to me: $17.34

What I actually received: $12.29

3rd quarter

Books sold: 27

Net Sales: 112.59

Payable to me: $36.65

What I actually received: $26.49

I called iUniverse today to ask whyy my net payable is less than what I am receiving. I was told that I had not filled out my tax info, so a standard 28% was being withheld.  Okay, maybe that was my fault. I immediately went on the website and fixed that.

moneyI only post to this for those authors who are thinking of using iUniverse to publish. I have stated that I liked them due to the fact that I didn’t have to do any of the work myself, and as a very busy single mother and employed as a full-time nurse, this was an area I didn’t have time to spend in. I have heard complaints about royalties not being paid, etc. In my opinion, my numbers look correct. I know I have about 20 more Kindle sales at the end of the 3rd quarter, but I also know they may not have been reported yet, so i’ll have to keep an eye out there.

All-in-all, the royalty pay out is crappy at best, but I haven’t encountered a problem in the numbers being wrong. I may have to look into small publishing houses for my next book, but we’ll see. I’m not thrilled with the idea of being paid nearly 40%, when I already paid out a small fortune to publish. I know they have to make their profit somewhere, because they are a business after all. I am grateful to all I have learned from this experience, but I work my behind off for this book, and would like to see a better return on my investment. Not sure I will use them again, but only because I’d like to see a better spending to profit margin.


5 responses to “iUniverse Royalty Payout Breakdown

  1. I will definitely have to fill out my tax info! And I’m glad to hear that your royalties are more or less what you expected to receive, even if the percentage you’re getting isn’t exactly ideal. I too have heard a lot of bad stories about royalties being withheld or not paid in full, but hopefully that isn’t happening any more.

  2. Hey congrats on the book! I totally know what you mean about instant gratification…
    Is there any way to read the book without buying it, being the poor, starving artist that I am?
    And hmmm if I can bother you for more detailed information on the publisher of your book: who are they, how do you submit a manuscript, and how much do they charge for submissions, and are they fiction only? A book is swimming around in the back of my head looking for a way out…

  3. Thanks for providing this information. As a first, and timeAuthor,, It is confusing for me how those publishing companies lie too much.please if you an Author , don’t use trafford publishing, They refused to refund my money after we did not agree with them on theprice of the cook book and the royalty of 10/% after pricing of the book $95. They hired Philippines ,that is wrong. Then ship jobs overseas.

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