Eye Fire! An Author’s Worst Nightmare

For the past four days my eyes have been on fire. I blame part of it to the glitch in Windows 8 that doesn’t allow my brightness to go up, but keeps it dim and causes me to squint. I blame the other part to my job as a nurse, which is now computerized and has me staring at a screen for 12+ hours. More blame to trying to read “Writing Apocalypse Survivor,” entries on the Kindle app on my cell phone. And the final blame to my mom, who allowed me to pour nail polish down my eyeball when I was just a wee little girl.  Okay, my mom isn’t to blame, and she had no clue I did this until it was too late, but I’m sure nail polish in the eye isn’t a good thing.

I’ve ranted before about my incessant migraines and how they are counterproductive to writing, but let me tell you this; when it feels like your eyes  are on fire, your squinting like mad, and everything is blurry . . . well that is downright scary to me as a writer. As it is, I am punching these keys half-blinded. Thankfully I know where the letters are on the keyboard.

fire eyesI’m still writing, although one doctor–and what do they really know–says I should go on eye rest, much like singers go on vocal rest. Pssh! I laugh at that suggestion.  Of course the doctor was already gone by the time my vision returned, so I was psssh-ing at no one but a semi-sedated patient.

I guess it only really struck me that this was a real issue when I found myself petting a tree stump and not a cat.  Let’s not discuss the issue with driving at night when all those Christmas lights are a hot green, blue, and red mess on my peripheries.  And, as a nurse, I know I should take some eye rest, but I don;t have my daughter this week which makes it the perfect opportunity to get so much writing done.

What’s worse than a migraine, I asked a few months back: Eye fire.  It feels like there is a red-hot poker trying to perform a lobotomy on my inner canthus (click inner canthus for a picture), and I’m stuck petting tree stumps instead of cats.  And all those gosh darn Christmas lights just don’t help. Seriously, how does one go about getting eye rest? I can’t sleep all day.  Can’t walk around like a double patch eyed pirate–though it might be kind of cool–I could bedazzle my patch with “Be Still,” on one patch and “Novel.com” on the other. Heck, if I’m going to be blinded I might as well be promoting too.

Anyone every have this issue? Love some nice home remedy tips. Thanks. See (or not see) you all soon.



2 responses to “Eye Fire! An Author’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Awww that sucks 😦 Being unable to see does make writing harder, doesn’t it? Poor Tania! I’ve never poured nail polish in my eye, but my eyes do get sore when I’ve been staring at a computer for too long. The best remedy for that, I’ve found, is to just close my eyes for a while. For the first few minutes the closed eyes actually hurt more than the opened eyes, but it’s worth it in the end. Which is sort of what the doctor prescribed for you? I suggest grabbing your ipod, putting it on shuffle, and lying on the couch. Brainstorm story ideas for an hour or so and give your eyes a rest!

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