Hitting Submit: and the anxiety that ensues

I did it! It took me two days to push the submit button, but at 10:15pm PST, I pushed the button that has mocked me for days.

Surviving the Writing Apocalypse, has been completed for exactly one month.  This week I put all the final touches on it and did the cover art, using Book Cover Pro Deluxe, which I downloaded off the internet for a relatively minor fee compared to PhotoShop . . . and the cost of the class I would need to take to learn how to use PhotoShop (which I will do soon).  But, alas, the cover, the editing, and beta-reading are all done. Let the anxiety begin . . .

When I published Be Still, I used an assisted publishing house (Iuniverse), but for this manual, I decided to go with ereaders only as a beta phase.  If the manual is widely received with decent reviews, then I may put out some money to publish a physical book by summer 2013.  Considering the entire starving artists, single mother, recession thing, I am now at a point where I have to count my pennies, and going through Booktango.com seemed to be the best choice to start.

I’ve come across a few people who have used Booktango and the reviews are quite similar to those who used Iuniverse: Diverse! Some loved it and had a wonderful experience, some hated it and said the royalties were all wrong, while others were on the fence.  Humph . . . I guess I’ll let you all know how this venture worked for me as it goes on.

The important thing is that I finally pushed the submit button and with that have launched more than just a book, but an entire endeavor.  With the book comes a website with author resources such as editors, beta readers, cover designer, book trailer creators, and more.  Plus a page dedicated to those self-published books that have raised the bar. We hope to make this page an all-inclusive site for self-published authors; a sort-of buffet of resources.

Oh my god, what did I do!?! Pause for major anxiety attack.

Okay, I’ve eaten a gallon of gelato and feel competent to resume life again. Thank you all for the support, and stand by for more information on the launching of the new book (guideline manual).

What is the Surviving the Writing Apocalypse? This concise manual was written on the premise that there are no rules to writing, only guidelines.  As such, a number of guidelines with examples have been cataloged in this book for new, self-published authors.  Topics such as author intrusion, use of bold, period themed books, cover art, showing versus telling, and dialogue tags, to name a few, are covered.  The point of the manual is to give new and experienced authors a bit of insight into what literary agents are looking for, what raises red flags, and what has changed in the twenty-first century.  This is not a grammar 101 manual, or written to replace editors.  This manual is here to answer questions many new authors have, and the give light to some areas we didn’t know existed.

The website release date is 12/21/12 if we survive doomsday.  Of course, I thought the date was only fitting given the title of the book.  That’s an insight into my dark humor, by the way.  Keep an eye out for the manual online, and if you do come across it please let me know so I can keep others updated.  We will run a promotion soon, so keep your eyes open for free offers.

swa 4 webpage


2 responses to “Hitting Submit: and the anxiety that ensues

  1. Haha, perhaps this’ll be able to help me out 😛

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