My Selfish Mind this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again.  The time when I am asked by a couple of dozen people about what I want for Christmas.  Seriously! Is world peace too much to ask for? Well, since I’m not running for Miss America I’ll forfeit on that wish and dig a little deeper into my selfish mind, except I come up empty handed.

Oh, I got it! Please bring American Eagle back to the Mall of Victor Valley.  I have so many coupons to redeem on young fashionable apparel at semi-reasonable prices, minus discounts and customer loyalty rewards.  But alas, my fare A&E is no longer within a comfortable driving distance, and so I must think of something more reasonable.

Okay, how about a little plastic surgery? Too vain.  A winning lottery ticket? Too materialistic.  New York Times Best Selling book? Too dreamy.  Bunny Slippers? Too boring. And this circles back around to world peace. Well what the . . .

Attention family and friends! These are the things that make me happy: rocky road ice cream from Rite aid, Buxom lip gloss, panties from Aerie, crazy socks, anything with a skully on it, and over-sized hoodies. Oh, how I love sitting on my bed wearing crazy knee high socks, an over-sized hoodie and eating rocky road ice cream.

Dear Santa,

Just in case you run short on holiday gifts you should know I have a stockpile of books just waiting to be sold.  Maybe we can work out some kind of holiday deal.  Please see my website for more information  Cookies and bacon will be sitting on the end table by the fireplace.


Take off your hat before coming into our house.  The husky-ish dog seems to have a serious issue with hats.  Also, don’t dance, he hates that too.  You know, maybe we can just meet at an undisclosed location.  Say, Starbucks?


Tania L Ramos


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