Celebrate Fellow Authors: Who is Michelle Proulx?

I don’t have much to say, so I browsed through my WordPress blogs of friends and came across one for fellow author Michelle Proulx.  I recently had a patient with that last name and she told me it was pronounced Prue (it’s French), so I think that may hold true for Michelle too, and finally makes my lips happy instead of trying to say Prow-lux. I could be wrong, and I’m sure Michelle will let me know.

Okay, off the ADD tangent.  I’ve been following Michelle for some time, and constantly asking when her book is coming out.  Well, she finally received her edit and sent it in for printing.  And today she received the wonderful news that she also made Editor’s Choice.  She is also publishing through Iuniverse, and despite all the negative press people give them, she like I have our reasons for choosing this route.

Anyway, I wanted to say congratulations to Michelle on this wonderful accomplishment and let my fellow bloggers know who she is. Michelle is at MichelleProulx.wordpress.com and has written a book titled Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It. Keep an eye out for it, it’s a scifi, alien-type, with six-armed lizard men who have a thing for the color blue (taken from MichelleProulx.com).  Well, my curiosity is peaked.

So congrats Michelle. Please check out her blog, she writes some wonderful stuff and has a pretty crazy imagination.  And be sure,this holiday season, to celebrate a few fellow authors. We should all help each other out once in a while.

And to ring in this holiday season, please visit my website http://www.BeStillNovel.com to receive a free Kindle download of Be Still. Or contact me to receive a signed paperback copy of my book for $10 plus $3.95 shipping, or buy two books and get one free.  Don’t forget, books make great holiday gifts.

If you like aliens check out: MichelleProulx.Wordpress.com

If you like 19th Century novels: TheDeadlyMark.com

If you like a good old tear jerker: BeStillNovel.com


7 responses to “Celebrate Fellow Authors: Who is Michelle Proulx?

  1. I have follwed her for some time and she has a great imagination, a killer wit, and a wonderful editor ;). You should check out her videos on her editing sessions. And I am so glad, after hearing all of the stories, that Michelle has had good expieriences with iUniverse. Yeah Michelle on this conrerstone!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I follow Michelle, too, and she led me to Tania’s site, which led me here. Sending congrats to Michelle! Tania, I looked at your website and Be Still trailer. Looks like an awesome read.

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