Location! Location! Where?

Today, I got off my butt and went for a very long walk.  I love walking, as opposed to, I hate running.  But when I walk, listening to hours of music, I gain so much wonderful clarity.  I hear stories in the songs and can create my own story lines.  Where do my ideas come from: music, but not always.  Some of my best ideas come from music, though, I am sometimes inspired by simply hearing some kind of catch phrase.

My latest inspiration came a few months back when I overheard a couple’s conversation.  The young girl said something I have heard many times before; she said, “I would die without you.” Ever hear that one? Well, I was sitting in my car thinking about that one day, and the thought wouldn’t leave.  I was plagued by these words until one day it happened: the characters created themselves and gave me a story line.

I spent twelve hours this week punching at my keyboard, but I got over 6,000 words in.  I had a story line.  I had names.  I didn’t have a location, and location is key.  This story must revolve around a small community, a very small community.  I mean, rural as it can get.  This matches up a bit to where I live, in the beautiful desert of California, but I was thinking a bit more lush colors … and smaller.

While I was walking this morning, a city hit me in the face like a sucker punch.  I had to test my theory though.  I was walking with my boyfriend (whom I ignored the entire time so i could reflect), I asked him to name a small, rural community with lots of trees and colors.  I told him it had to be a very small area where everyone knew everyone.  Straight out of his mouth came the exact place I was thinking of: Rim of the World.

That was it! My next story which revolves around the phrase, “I can’t live without you,” will be set in Rim of the World, CA.  This gives me an excuse to visit our local mountains some more, and to keep my story close to home.  Rim of the World is practically in my own backyard, if my backyard wasn’t in fact covered in desert clay and Joshua trees.  I digress, this is going to be an awesome story, sort of dark in my style, scifi but more of a speculative story, tear jerker, and running the emotional spectrum with a bit of a lesson in humanity hidden in.

I have my location! And here we go …


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