‘this the Season to Promote?

As my daughter takes full reign of my new computer to watch DVDs, I take control of my marketing, advertising, and publicity campaign. I’m just grateful to have this time, however little it may be. So, yesterday I visited my favorite low cost retail store and purchased a pack of holiday greeting cards. Then I realized I don’t have many people to send cards to, outside of family. I sat staring at all my cards, trying to figure out what to do with them, resolving to actually send them out this year, then it hit me …
I have a few addresses of readers who either purchased or inquired about my previous book, Be Still. Why not send them a card? And what more, why not include a free promo code for my next book. Yeah, yeah, so it’s self gratifying, but this is still a business after all. Besides, I get birthday and special occasion cards from my dentist, car dealership, and gynecologist. Yes, gynecologist … I know it’s weird. But if they can promote so can we.
This holiday take the time to send a nice handwritten card to those fans, friends, and family who have supported your dreams. Perhaps you have too many to be able to handwrite them all out, in that case try a printing press like VistaPrint that can create cards with a personal prewritten greeting. Then all you have to do is sign to give it that personal affect.
Don’t forget to thank those who got you this far. And if you control your prices, why not offer a free promo even if only for a day or two. If you have any ideas or suggestions for promoting over the holiday season please leave a comment. I’d love some more ideas.

Tania L Ramos


2 responses to “‘this the Season to Promote?

  1. What a great idea!! If I came across others, I will pass them on. Happy Holidays, made brighter by the likes of smart business women!!

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