This Venting Stuff Really Helps

Hello all.  Seems as though there just isn’t enough time in the day to get where I need to be with my writing career.  This is not easy when running an entire household and having a full-time career. It’s only hampered by the fact that my career is as a nurse, which means crazy hours, forced overt-time, and irregular days.  Not to mention how drained I am after a twelve plus hour shift. Something has to give, and leaving one position as a GI nurse didn’t seem to free up much more time.  Of course the obligations to family takes some time up too.

But in all things literature and my desire to write full-time, I have managed to do some very primal marketing of my book.  Lots of ideas get tossed around, but not much is actually accomplished.  Oh how I miss my free time, where I was able to sit and write all day and play publicist/marketer all night.  I have come to an impasse, one where I decide whether to finish and give full concentration to the manual for new authors I am writing, or to put much needed efforts in marketing Be Still.  This isn’t an easy decision, and it upsets me when other authors I know say I have to devote time in the day to accomplish both.  Sage advice I have given other authors, but most of them are stay-at-home parents.  To those with a full-time career and family, I say, “providing for family financially and spiritually will always come first, but I do understand about that panging knot in your stomach that says you have to provide something for yourself too.” One author told me, it took three years to write one book between raising three kids and working, but once the kids were out and she took early retirement, she put out a book every six months.  I’m hopeful, but that’s at least fifteen years away for me.

Another author told me to suck it up, so I ran down my schedule: wake up at 530 to be at work by 7am, get off at 730 pm to run to the market or whatever task is at hand, get home by 830ish-9pm to deal with whatever has to be done at home, or interact with my family whom I haven’t seen all day, puts me going to sleep around 11pm.  When am I supposed to find the time? One woman suggested I wake up at 430am and get in one hour of writing if I truly was that devoted to my art.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not devoted to my art, just that sleep takes some devotion too. Do people even understand how physically and mentally draining being a nurse in the state of California can be? Well, that’s a whole other venting blog.  Sigh. I miss sleep … oh, but I miss writing too.  Is it possible to balance both? I published two full length novels last year, but then again I was out on State Disability all that time.  Feb of 2012 I started working on a new tear jerker, which was axed last month because I couldn’t devote the time needed to give it all the strength that novel would need.  Besides, it took more time rereading what was written than I had to start writing again. I hate that!

I still work on my Zombie v. Aliens novel on weekends when going to L.A. and back, but that is all I can give that. I have been working on How to Survive the Writing Apocalypse for some time now, during the late hours of the night (sleepless night sometimes), which is finally completed, but having the time to publish and work all the kinks out with the ereader formatting is occupying precious time and is still unresolved.  I can’t afford to drop the same amount of money as I did for Be Still, but I’m hopeful this manual will be out by Dec 2012 for ereaders … if we ever get the formatting and cover art complete.

Until my next blog, remember … time stands still for no man.  If you have time on your side, please use it wisely … or donate some of your time to me in the form of extra hours in the day.  That will be my next teleseminar. Stay tuned.

Whew! This venting stuff really helps. I am motivated to open up my laptop now.

To learn more about my literary life follow me on Twitter @TaniaLRamos or on Facebeook at Be Still is currently available through Barnes & Noble and, along with most other online bookselling sources.

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My name is Tania L Ramos, I am a mother of 3, nurse to the high desert, and author.  My goal in life is to help future authors and young authors realize their dreams of publishing and completeing a well-written manuscript. To learn more about me visit my website


4 responses to “This Venting Stuff Really Helps

  1. Hello Tania,
    I cheer up for your success. I was there , long 12 hour shift , three kids , entire household … It took me more then twenty years to finally get time to put some of my poems and paintings together and publish it. Its all in God hands and some luck from now on.
    You go girl.

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