Free Kindle Download

I am implementing a fun Friday theme. Maybe it will catch on . . .we’ll see. This beautiful, sunny, high desert, California day, I am giving away a free Kindle download of my book, “Be Still,” as part of a Free Fridays event. Oh, and celebrating the fact that I finally have a day off of work to do a promotion. Please share this with friends who like to read or use for yourself. I will be giving away 10 Kindle books between now and Sunday.

visit to see the book trailer and Pinterest to see what fun stuff I have come up with.

OKAY, to receive a free copy of Be Still go to and use one of these codes ( 3 codes posted, if one is already redeemed then move to the next. If all are used then leave me a reply and i’ll get you a code until all 10 are used):





4 responses to “Free Kindle Download

  1. Great to see you, Tania–hope things are going well for you!!

  2. Love this idea! Hopefully it will gain you some publicity / new readers 🙂 Also, cool Pinterest page! I made a Pinterest account myself, and I keep meaning to post things — “pin” things? — but I never get around to it. Siiiiiigh.

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