Welcoming Myself Back and other shameless updates

So….where have I been? Working diligently to regain control of my WordPress site. I have no clue what happened, but for almost a month I have been locked out of my account. The short version: my password was changed and so was my email address. I’d like to think I was so flamboyantly popular that some stalker hacker stole my account to have just a little piece of the Tania L Ramos fame if only for a brief shining moment.  But, alas, this is probably not the case. It smells more of the workings of some snot nosed hacker who does it for malicious self-gratifying fun than admiration of raw talent. Hehe. I still crack myself up. And continue to dream of the day my adoring fans would try to hack my account…ah.

Well, I have been doing well. Currently working two nursing positions which occupy my every waking hour and often times interferes with my sleeping ones too.  I had a dream that I lost a patient and had to find him before I was reported, but I only ended in some psycho shower scene being chased by an unseen monster that stole my clothes, and all of a sudden I’m stark naked in the middle of a fair wondering where the heck my patient could be and suddenly surrounded by middle school classmates who don’t seem to mind my nudeness.  Then my alarm goes off and i’m like, “Seriously? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I was working in my sleep.!”

Beyond that, I have finished a book that was written to aid indie authors in writing elements. Not the typical place a comma here and period goes there.  This is more meat and potatoes stuff.  The things the editors pick on more than elementary school grammar.  You see, grammar is a quick and easy fix, but poorly written content can mean literary suicide.  I’ve been on the lashing end and did my research, so I thought it only fit to share.  We aren’t sure the title yet, but we’ve been playing with, “How to Survive the Writing Apocalypse: a 21st Century guide to content editing.” It’s a title in progress, but we do have an awesome cover art idea in mind.

What is with the “we” business, I mentioned above? I have a publicist now.  Yep. There are indie movies, indie rock, indie books and now an indie publicist. That means he didn’t spend eight years acquiring an MFA, but he gets around and makes noise.  Blackbird_LSD is a new company of editors with publicity on their agendas. Things like showing books at local fairs for those authors who can not attend (author by proxy?). Plus much more. They are getting their feet off the ground and I’m in on the bottom level.  Good or bad? Remember that publicity is publicity and we all start somewhere. So this team is just starting, but I think they’ll do great with the ideas they have.

I have a busy October.  My biggest event, and the one I have been focused on, is the speaking event at the Victorville Library 10/17/12 at 6pm (should you want to stop by my fair high desert community). I was told not to expect a crowd because they never do well, but for me that is a challenge. So “we” brainstormed to try and find a way to make this a smashing success.  The answer: give away a book to the middle and high school libraries who have faculty and students in attendance from the community.  Blackbird_LSD handled the task of emailing every art, drama, english, and language teaching in the area.  We have also been  blasting this in Twitter and my Facebook page.  Next, they will alert the press.  My goal is to send out at least 10 books to surrounding schools.  We also decided that instead of just talking about, “Be Still,” my book, that I would instead talk about pursuing dreams, writing, and the road to becoming published.  I want to inspire young authors.  This is my chance.

So that is my current life in a nutshell.  Should I remain hack free, I will try and update at least twice a week.  See you on the shelves.


One response to “Welcoming Myself Back and other shameless updates

  1. Wow, a publicist–cool! I’m concerned about the hacker deal–anyway to know how that happens?? I would so freak, if it happened to me–so what does one do that is more productive, instead?? Really glad to see you–sending you love and blessings–Caddo

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