Iuniverse Comes Through

After several phone calls and speaking to a multitude of people, Iuniverse finally connected me to the right person who did a full investigation of my problem with the book shipment.  In case you don’t know what I am talking about click here for my previous post on Iuniverse Where Art Thou.

The simple catch up is: Iuniverse sent me the wrong order and charged me all wrong.  I was over charged aprox $350 for books I did not ask for and never received books I did ask for, but instead received a bunch of paperback books.  I sent frequent emails in which I was told someone would contact me within 48 hours, but it never happened and follow-up emails were never returned.  I was upset and starting to believe all those rumors going around about this company.  I was devastated in thinking I had been duped.

Two weeks ago I started making phone calls to Iuniverse on my lunch breaks.  I received quite the run around and several, “let me look into this.” But one woman finally called me back and asked what had happened and for the fifth time I gave her my predicament.  She was confused as she went through my purchase history and said it didn’t make much sense.  Again, I heard the words, “Let me look into this and get back to you.”

Sigh. Biting lip.  “Okay.”

Two days later she called and said my purchase order was written as 150 softcover books at 45% discount with 15 softcovers free and 25 hardcovers at 35% discount is what I asked for.  I agreed.  She asked what I actually received and I told her 180 softcover books: 150 at 45% discount and 30 at 35% discount.  She said she would call me back.  Thirty minutes later she called back and said the woman in charge of my purchase screwed up and that when several emails were sent to her and my PSA that the PSA forwarded the emails to a higher up.  My sales rep was summarily removed from her position for retraining but no one thought to fix the problem.

So this new woman who has been looking into it apologized for the inconvenience and said she was working on a solution and would call me back.  An hour later she called back and said she put in a rush order for 25 hardcover books and added another 10 softcover books for my troubles.  The shipping would be free and I would not be asked to pay the difference in the charges for the hardcover (apparently I was billed less for the softcovers originally since softcovers were $17.95 and hardcovers were $27.95) which was a savings of over $100 and Iuniverse had to take the loss in cost and in shipping the new books along with giving me 10 more for free which comes to a total savings of nearly $300.

I have to admit my faith was quickly dwindling and I was set to give a negative blog feedback, but in the right hands this problem was solved and Iuniverse admitted they were in error AND FIXED IT! That was all I wanted after all.  So big thanks to Iuniverse, who has just been sold to Penguin, a subsidiary of Pearse, for coming through. I received my shipment two days ago and it was sent express.

Now to sell all these books!


Tania L Ramos is the author of When I Thought I Was Tough and Be Still. She has received to awards for Be Still, published by Iuniverse and available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Nook, Kindle, and Ibook.  Currently working on a program to help new authors avoid the Big 3 point of view mistakes editors frown on.

See the author interview here: YouTube


2 responses to “Iuniverse Comes Through

  1. That’s a relief! And good for them for sending you those free softcovers to make up for all your troubles.

  2. Whew!! I knew God would come through, and resolve this–but sometimes it does seem like He waits till the 11th hour. I’m so glad for you, Tania–and maybe this was just to help you build more faith and character, though I’m not suggesting for a second that you needed more. It’s just one of those things “aunties” say–God bless you big this week–love, “Auntie” Caddo

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