Blog Tour Day 5: Back to my roots

Michelle Proulx, author of a new scifi book coming soon is the blog host of day 5 on the Be Still blog tour read here: Guest Blog Post: Tania L Ramos + Giveaway!.

I am still in Las Vegas today, considerably more broke than six days ago, but none lost to gambling. We have had a wonderful experience traveling the Extraterrestrial Hwy and stopping for burgers at the A’Li’Inn.  We will definitely return–minus one five year old who was a trooper for the 6 hour round trip.  I saw my son jump 855 feet off the Stratosphere hotel, had a way tooexpensive lunch at Planet Hollywood, enjoyed a day of rides at Circus Circus with my daughter while the boys went paintballing.  Today we will visit the Nuclear Museaum and Area 51 museum then do a little pan handling for food. Broke!!!

My blog tour is quickly coming to end and I thought it fit to end my “alien” themed vacation with Michelle who is publishing an alien themed book.  See, I do put thought into things.

So, in honor of all things alien and scifi today I am writing about my nerdy side.  The side that has attended two Star Trek conventions and can recite every original episode of Star Trek and thought Bones was kinda cute.  Then came Star Wars and my first teenage girl crush, Han Solo. I mean, what a totally hottie.  I used to listen to 80’s music and enact my wedding to Han Solo.  It was beautiful.

Then, just when I thought all scifi hope was lost came X-Files.  David Duchovny was my next crush and I just assumed someday we would be married.  I was an X-Files addict except for the last season which wasn’t as awesome as the other seasons.  And when that came to a roaring end I had nothing left.

Enter cable television’s SciFi network and all things unexplained, yet to be discover, and mutated.  I love B-flicks!!! Oh, and I do look forward to Shark Week every year…coming August 12th.

So, to go back; waaaaaaay back.  My very first genre of writing was scifi/horror.  I think it was scifi, my mom thought it was horror.  I remember my very first full length novel in 9th grade was about 150 pages long and revolved around my main character falling into a mirror and being caught in an alternate universe.  After that came a story of a man who’s car broke down and got caught in a creepy mist where he met a little girl—who was dead.  Sadly, these stories have all been done since. BUT, I had the ideas before anyone else and that is my claim to 9th grade fame.

Being around all things alien has been very inspiring and has conjured some wonderful ideas in my head about my next story.  Granted it is not all alien, there are zombies and vampires embedded but only as ambience to the story at hand.  I’m very excited to start writing and excited to start reading some good scifi alien books such as Michelle’s when it comes out. for more information on my current book release and for purchasing links


One response to “Blog Tour Day 5: Back to my roots

  1. I believie your stories are somewhere in the garage. You know me I throw nothing away.

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