Blog Tour Day 4: Retraining Our Minds

Blog Tour Day 4 is moving along at full steam.  Read a very wonderful and great narrative of my book Be Still here: Blog Tour – Tania L Ramos – Be Still.

I met David through WordPress and have followed him for sometime as he wrote about preparing the release his own novel.  Then his big day came, unfortunately I couldn’t buy his book because I didn’t own an ereader at the time, but he was kind enough  to let me read a manuscript.  I was quite pleased when he agreed to read and review my book for this blog tour.  David has a wonderful imagination and a definite flair for words which can be seen in his writing and in this fantastic review of my book.

David he said he would be honest…well everybody has professed to be blatantly honest, but I have to confess, David and I had an email conversation about having authors and book readers read our books and we agreed that authors read with a different perspective.  How so? Authors know the behind the scenes stuff that every writer should be hitting along the path of the book.  We read books with a different perspective, like we took off our casual reading glasses and pulled our hair up in a tight bun and placed our english teacher glasses on (I don;t think David would pull his hair up in a bun though). Maybe it was only our opinion and we are isolated in this thought, but I know it is hard for me to just read a book anymore without judging it like an editor would.

How I miss the days of just finding simple bliss in turning the pages of a book and not looking to see if they told what the story is about in the first five pages, and if they didn’t head hop, and whether there was a climax half way through, and if the character made a change….etc.

I kindly asked that David give me his honest opinion on the book, which he read for the first time, but if he would read it like a reader and not an author.  I’m not sure which route he took, or if we can ever truly retrain our minds to go back to just losing itself in a book as an enthusiastic readers, but I think he did a fantastic job of his review and his insight.

Thank you David!


Tania L Ramos is currently on a blog tour to promote her book Be Stillavailable on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


2 responses to “Blog Tour Day 4: Retraining Our Minds

  1. You’re very welcome, Tania, he smirked 😉

  2. Hey Tania! Here’s a link to Day 5 of your blog tour 🙂

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