Blog Tour Day 3: Scifi vs. Fantasy

Greeting from 106 degree temps in Nevada.  It is h-o-t. Yesterday we had a blast visiting beautiful Freemont Street and seeing old Las Vegas.  It was 100 degrees at ten p.m. But it was a great day: Dasan jumped 855 feet off the Stratosphere for his eighteenth birthday.  We ate a very over-priced lunch at Planet Hollywood and later than night enjoyed the Freemont Street Experience. Why? Well, first off because it was my son’s birthday and second because I am getting ready to work on my alien book which will have a lot to do with the Nevada desert near Area 51 (go figure, right?).

So I pose this question for you scifi authors (since I am going out of my genre): how much of your book is fact and how much is fiction? I want to be able to put a few fun facts in my book while maintaining the scifi element.

Next question: Is scifi a form of fantasy? Or is fantasy a form of scifi? I gave myself a headache trying to deduce that one. If you say aliens I think scifi.  Say unicorns and fairies and I think fantasy.  But are they interchangeable? Both are forms of make believe-unless you are a true believer–but lets say for argument’s sake they are purely fiction, then an alien life form would be no different than a unicorn or fairy and would classify alien as fantasy…and vice versa, which are all forms of fiction. Oye, where is my Tylenol and icepack?

This has nothing to do about anything by the way, just simple rantings of a woman suffering from heat exhaustion who has seen one to many aliens in the past 3 days and is on day 51 (ironic since I am near Area 51) of near starvation. Stupid pancreatitis and hiatal hernia! Seriously, it is like a self-lapband.  Combine heat with extraterrestrial sightings and starvation and you get the recipe for an amazing scifi/fantasy novel of galactic proportions.

Are they looking for us, or are we working for them?

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Tania L Ramos is the author of two books: When I Thought I was Tough (a free read & number 3 favorite on and Be Still available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A new family drama novel along with a YA scifi book are in the books. Tania is currently on a blog tour for her recent release of Be Still.


7 responses to “Blog Tour Day 3: Scifi vs. Fantasy

  1. Take lots of pics! My novel is set there that I’m writing!! Tomorrow’s post is ready for my blog. Spent two hours finishing it this afternoon!

  2. I asked my brother your sci-fi/fantasy question, and his response was that fantasy can be anything made up (dragons, wizards, etc.), whereas sci-fi has to have at least *some* basis in science. For example, dragons have no basis in science. Aliens, on the other hand, have the *possibility* of existing, and are therefore sci-fi. Wish your son happy birthday for me 😀

    • Hmmmm, good point, but scientist believe dragons may have existed years ago, so are dragons are crossover of fantasy and scifi. LOL. It was just an amusing question my son and I had over breakfast with the scifi fantasy thing. We are also trying to decide if cheesecake– with the name cake in it but comes in a pie tin– is cake with a pie complex or pie with identity disorder. I love my meaningful early morning ponderings

  3. That sci-fi/fantasy question is a hot topic for debate among the members of my writing group. It gets pretty heated. So far they have failed to come up with an acceptable answer. It’s been 4 years.

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