Blog Tour Day One

My first blog tour is officially in full swing. My first tour date is today July 19, 2012. Please be supportive of all those bloggers out there who worked to put this together.

What is a blog tour? Each day a different blogger will feature a post about my book, Be Still. There will be something new everyday and giveaways.
Today is opening day and will be hosted by Katherine Nader at Please visit her site to read an interview.
I met Katherine via an iUniverse connection. We have been emailing and giving publicity and marketing information to each other which has been great since she has Canadian connections and I have California….well, sun I guess. Keep an eye out for her, she will be releasing her book, nThe Deadly Mark very soon.

July 19, 2012

Tania L Ramos is an independent author who is currently promoting, Be Still, which can be purchased through most major online bookstores…and now at Chapter/indigo. Also available for most ereaders.


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