It’s Here! It’s Here!

I am counting down, are you? The, “Be Still,” blog/video tour starts this week on the nineteenth.  I am excited.  For me the blog tour has been such an amazing accomplishment as it has brought together six wonderful people who have all agreed to do this for me and the book.  I think everyone has a point in time when they get that, “I have finally arrived,” feeling; this blog tour is that for me.  For this little, no-name, introvert who only left home for work and a Starbucks green tea having this tour is a huge deal.  It is climbing Mount Everest and leaving my book at the top.  So I have to say thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who put this together and have been so fantastic to work with.

The blog tour will start July 19,2012 and end with a video date on July 24,2012.

Please follow these links to follow the tour and to find some awesome bloggers.  Please share this through all your social media accounts to get the word out.  There are Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn links below.  Some blog dates will be interviews, some book reviews, and I think there may be a guest date in there.  There will also be the opportunity to win prizes at each site. Please join me in the momentous event and spread the word.

***update (already?)***  Michelle Proulx has written her review of Be Still. Read her very honest review here Michelle is in the process of publishing her book so keep an eye on her blog.

~~~The Dates and Links~~~

07/19 Katherine Nader
07/20 Liv from Nerdy Book Reviews (this is my son’s 18th birthday. Woo


07/21 Teresa McCluskey

07/22 David McGowan

07/23 Michelle Proulx

07/24 My birthday!!! Yay! this day will be a video blog hosted on my

YouTube page by my son who runs Xcaliber Entertainment & Media. My YouTube

page is It will be titled, “author

interview with Tania L Ramos.”

My 1st Book Party. About seven more people weren’t in the picture 😦


3 responses to “It’s Here! It’s Here!

  1. Great, great, great!!! Love the photo, Tania!

  2. Good Luck Tanya, I know you will do good. I am sorry I missed your first book party, I am still buying your book.

  3. Thanks Caddo. that was a great day and I had so much fun.

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