Inside the Mind of An Author Video Shoot

Jorja-Rayne taking her zombie role too serious

See the family resemblance? Okay, picture me as a zombie…and blond…and a lot younger

July 7th, 2012

Scene: Sometimes Things Get Downright Weird

Actors: Tania L Ramos & Jorja-Rayne

The premise: Some times characters have an imagination all their own. In this scene, Evan (played by Jorja-Rayne) decides her character should be a zombie.


4 responses to “Inside the Mind of An Author Video Shoot

  1. She’s adorable! Especially as a zombie 😀

  2. Thank you for this, Tania–I SO love it, and wish I could spend just one day with you two gals–what great medicine!! God bless you big–your Auntie Caddo

    • Thanks Caddo. This video is something my entire family can be involved in and use their creative/artistic talents. My son is videoographer/technical advisor and computer reproduction, my mom is our make up artist and still photo photographer and codirector, Jorja is my actress, I play the writer but I’m also director and run music overlays, my other son & boyfriend will also have roles. I love making videos as much as I love writing.

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