Burning Down July

Why that title? One: It is hot as sin in my little desert community.  Two: The days are burning away (I blame it on department stores that already have Christmas decorations out). Three: This is a red hot month for, “Be Still,” promotion.

Small Business Expo: Book Signing

In June I had my very first meet the author and book signing at the Small Business Expo at our local mall which was put together by a great company called RelyLocal (hesperia & Victorville chapters). It is a small business that promotes small local businesses, so if you own a small business look up the RelyLocal in your area.  We did the event last Saturday June 30,2012 and saw over 200 people pass our table. As a new author I am not supposed to divulge numbers (some ethics thing I’ve heard), but I don’t really get that.  I am proud to say that I sold a whopping five books.  No, I did not make my money back on that event nor did I expect to.   I was there for promoting purposes and if I sold a few books it would have been a great day.  I sold five…it was a fantastic day!

I met a bunch of readers who said they would use Kindle or Nook apps, handed out hundreds of flyers, magnets and bookmarkers, and landed another book signing for today at a local bookstore’s grand reopening: Hi Desert Oasis Bookstore.  I will be there with another local author.  But I also met some Twitter people I didn’t know, and I met Susan from Facebook who won my book on a Kindle download.  I had lots of support, took lots of pictures and might be invited to speak at a book club.  I call it a success even if I didn’t recoup my investment.

This month is also bound to be great and many of you readers from near and far get to participate in my blog/video tour which will run from Juy 19 through July 24. I will post links closer to the event dates.  There will be an author interview, book reviews, and a video interview.

Today is my first official bookstore book signing, so I’m excited over that. Next week my grandma, “The Big Kahuna,” will be holding my very first book party at her house.  I will be speaking to her friends, answering questions, reading from my book, and signing books.  I’m so nervous about that one (insert shivering, nail biting anxiety).

All-in-all July looks to be an amazing month for, “Be Still.” After July I vow to tone down my marketing soiree just a bit and get back to my love of writing.  There are characters in my brain that are dying from lack of being given a literary voice.  Which also reminds me; Dasan (my kiddo) and I are working on a video project to show the world what goes on in the mind of a writer…stalking by characters, characters talking to you all hours of the night, talking to yourself in the car, arguing with yourself in the shower and so on. If you have any thoughts to contribute or good stories let me know.  The video will be somewhat of a parody but with truth behind it.

Tania L Ramos is the author of two books, “Be Still,” and “When I Thought I Was Tough.”


4 responses to “Burning Down July

  1. Oh I LOVE it, Tania–couldn’t be more excited if it were me!! Love to you and the Big Kahuna, and that smart little girl of yours, too! (Are you serious, that the Christmas decorations are already out????)

  2. Sounds wonderful and exciting!

  3. So excited for you. Let me know when you finish the video (parody but truth) about what goes on inside the mind of a writer. I bet all of us will identify. You have my email or http://ironiclee.blogspot.com. Can’t wait for that one, though it sounds like you have a lot on your plate in July! Yeah!

    • I sure will. We filmed a one minute segment today, although it took well over an hour to film (make up artist was involved). Oh how I miss the filming industry of working a ten hour day for a two minute feed…and this is why I am an author not a director. But we had fun doing it, got great footage and took some fun pictures. I will definitely send you the link when we are done.

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