4am nursing

It’s 4am in my part of the world and I have been called back to work.  Well, I was called at 0330, and just like a military revalry, I am up and going and on the freeway making the 30 minute drive into work. I tell you, it isn’t easy driving at 330am, sleep in your eyes, people on my freeway trying to get an early weekend start into Vegas–good ol’ Route 66–darkness and lights swirling together, while I glance off the freeway wondering if there is an all night Starbucks.  Or an all night anything.

Problem # 1 with a small town: I know where the expression small, sleepy town comes from.  The place shuts down at 8pm.  Seriously. It’s like living in a demilitarized zone where curfew and lights out take effect at 8pm.  Curtains drawn, save for that one creepy woman who peeks out her window and makes the stubble on your legs stand up.

Problem#2 with a small town: On-call shifts at the local hospital.  Unless you’ve been waken up from a sound sleep to go into work and be there in 30mins or less you couldn’t even begin to understand.  Maybe the Domino’s pizza delivey kid gets it…and firemen, but it is a cruel way to live. 

You know I’m spacey when I compare the pizza guy with a fireman, by the way.

Well, I am awake and probably won’t see my bed until tonight again.  So I am going to seize this opportunity to research some marketing so when I do get home I can concentrate on writing.

See you soon Sony laptop.  Miss you warm bed. Hello double time and differential.


2 responses to “4am nursing

  1. You have stubble on your legs? Ewwww 😉

  2. Only in the winter!!! Keeps the heat in

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