Blog/Video Tour Under Construction: How & Why’s

The acceptance emails are coming in and I am renewing my excitement levels.  I didn’t think there wold come a point where my excitement about my book would drop, but after endless hours of marketing and research it felt like this book was more work than fun and my luster was quickly waning.  So I decided it was time to perk up and start that blog/video tour on my to-do list.  The dog is wagging his tail so I must be on the right course and sending out positive vibes.

The tour will run approximately  3-5 days, but I am hoping to get 7 days out of it.  The festivities will end July 24th on my birthday. This will be my way of celebrating my birthday–something I haven’t really done in about 18 years, since my son was born only 4 days before my birthday, hence loss of birthday celebrations and get to forever remain 20 yrs old.

One question I am often asked is: What is a blog tour?

Simple. A blog tour is a book tour except instead of traveling outside your physical home, you travel on other people’s blogs as a guest.  It works several different ways and there are no rules so you can be quite creative with it:

  • Guest blogger: I have seen some authors do a guest blog posting where the author writes about something to do with writing or the book and then leaves a, “where to buy the book,” link at the end.
  • Interview: the blogger hosts an interview with the author.
  • Question & Answer session: This is where the blogger will ask his/her audience in advance to post any questions they may have related to the book, author, or publishing. The questions are forwarded to the author and he/she answers.  The Q&A is then posted to the blog on a specified date.
  • Review: This is a basic book review from the blogger.
  • Video Blog (Vlog) : This can either be an interview live, through Skype, or a video book review which is then posted to YouTube, Metacafe, or Daily Motion.

Why do a blog/video tour? It is exposure to you, the author, and also to the people hosting your tour.  Each blog stop will link to your book, blog, or other page as requested.  This is good exposure to the author because he is reaching outside of the box and gaining exposure to the fans of the blog he is on that day.  But each blog will also list a date of events and the links to those other dates/sites, or, you have each blog link to the blog the day before and the day after them.  This is good for bloggers because it will send other readers to their site. Free exposure all the way around and who doesn’t like free?

So far I have three confirmations and I’m waiting on a few other confirmations or denials.  I have only had one denial so far.  Here is my current line up and will continue to grow.  If you are interested in hosting one of my stops please let me know. I will also give you more information on my giveaways offered to your readers.

Confirmed Sites:

David McGowan, author of, “The Hunter Inside.”

Teresa Mccluskey, book reviewer at, “Freebies 4 My Family.”

Michelle Proulx, author  in editing phases right now

Just added a minute ago:

Katherine Nader, author of, “The Deadly Mark”


My name is Tania L Ramos. I am a registered nurse and an author.  My book, “Be Still,” is now available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  For updates & milestones follow me at and don’t forget to hit the like button


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