What are Emotobooks? Words meet Art

I met a woman on Twitter who said she was a huge fan of Emotobooks.  As many other people, I was not sure what an Emotobook was and naturally related it to the same category as an, “emo” person.  Emo, which is short for emotional per my teenagers, is a person who is deeply in tuned with their emotions, although they are usually very sad emotions.  And so, when I first heard the term Emotobook I assumed they were books based on deeply rooted feelings, maybe something like prose turned novel or something on an emotionally epic scale.  So, with curiosity peaked, I asked what an Emotobook was and I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong in my conceptions, but found something wonderful in contrast.

Grit City is a publication house (GCP) who boasts themselves as, “Publishers of the emotobook revolution.” Grit City Publication founder, Ron Gavalik, coined the term, “emotobook,” in 2011 when a book was placed on a digital tablet along with pictures at pinnacle points to heighten a reader’s emotional awareness during a story.  Think of writer meets artist.  Or emotion in writing combusting with emotion in art.  If you are a left and right brainer then this may be something worth looking  into: literature meets color!

GCP offers EmotoSerials and EmotoSingles.  The difference is that EmotoSerials are monthly release serial stories that continue much like a miniseries while EmotoSingles are individual experiences.  I read through one EmotoSingle and must say it is quite different to be caught up in a story and then be hit with a burst of vivid colors depicting the emotion of that scene.

As a synthesist (of minor proportions), I hear in color everyday, so reading in art is such a sensory overload for me, but a welcomed rush at the same time.  With that being said, I feel many other people who read to read would not enjoy being blasted with art in the middle of a scene, but there are always those on the other side of the fence and will always be those opposed to this type of media.  My purpose of this blog is to expose the literary world to this new form of literature.  There appears to be a great following so it must appeal to many, as such it should be exposed for others who have not been exposed.  My personal opinion is that this is a great form of writing and art which I am hopeful will catch the world’s attention.  It is, if nothing else, worth looking at to form your own opinion.

Emotobooks are available on Nook, Kindle, and downloadable to Ipads and computers.  I believe this may be something worth visiting at least once, to see how other writers are utilizing digital media, and to see a new revolution in writing that will surely be a household name in the near future.  Be up-to-date with new technologies and when someone says have you heard of Emotobooks, you will be able to answer, “Yes, I have.”

you can visit Grit City Publications by clicking the link: http://www.gritcitypublications.com/Grit_City_Publications/Emotobooks.html

As a writer of this blog, I do not know or was I asked to promote Grit City Publications.  This is purely written with the intention to let my reading audience in on a new form of literary media.  There are other Emotobook sites that you can search, I chose to feature GCP as it was shown to me by a friend on Twitter.  All opinions written here are my own and not  part of an endorsement.

Update 6-14-12: I have recently learned that Grit City Publication not only revolutionized Emotobooks, but are currently the only publishers offering it.  Thank you GCP for informing me of this.

My name is Tania L Ramos, I am an author and a nurse.  My current book release is, “Be Still.”


3 responses to “What are Emotobooks? Words meet Art

  1. As a writer, reader, blogger, and a huge fan/supporter of Grit City Publications, this is a wonderfully put blog posting about #Emotobooks! Ron Gavalik’s vision of this unique style of ebooks is incredible & original; himself and his team are very dedicated to this art. I hope you get the chance to read all the publications from Grit City for they have some outstanding writers, mind-blowing illustrators, and talented editors!

    • Thank you, Jason. As soon as I get my own Nook I will look into reading more of these books. I had to borrow one to see what Emotonooks wee for this blog, but I think it is wonderful idea. Many people put words to art, so putting art to words was quite brilliant and not sure why it wasn’t done sooner. I will definitely continue to follow

      • I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! The Emotobooks from Grit City Publications that I’ve read, so far, are really great! Enjoy & feel free to write anytime!

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