How Bad Do You Want It?

Now that I am on the opposite side of writing, hitting the market world like a deer in headlights, I have made many wonderful connections and learned so much.  I am keeping a running tab of people I meet, links, and information received that I plan to post in July as a sort of review list of my encounters.  Why should other people have to hit walls the way I have, or put out money into venues that do not work or are filled with empty promises of book sales increases.

But in this blog I’d like to talk about writing and what I have learned along the way.  And I have gained so much knowledge on this crazy road that feels like it will end with a long drop and jagged rocks…but I’m hoping to find a waterfall.  I guess sometimes what we feel like we are headed toward isn’t at all the path we are on, and we learn along the way that the direction we wanted to head isn’t the road we are cutting out.  I was only set out to write a novel, not make friends, help others, and find a new career…but here I am–

I wrote a story once, it is my sistine chapel per say, as such I have never quite completed it.  It is something that never feesl ready.  But I stumbled across it a few days ago, sitting on this old ScanDisk from college that I had long forgotten about.  In it the heroine talks about taking a journey and knowing that death is at the end, but she knows that death is anywhere, even if she chooses to remain stagnant and never forge a path.  This struck me when I went back and reread it, because I wasted 37 years of my life not creating a path in writing and following my dreams.  I thought if I never put myself out there then I would never be hurt with words like, “No,” or, “you’re not what we are looking for.”

Sure, I skirted that path by self-publishing and then going indie (still don’t know the difference), but I am forging a path.  And people may leave reviews on Barnes & Noble and Amazon that are less than amazing and promising, but I’ve done something–something scary and out of my comfort zone–and I am learning that the path to living a dream is also a path to self discovery.  Tim McGraw has a song titled, “How Bad Do You Want It.”  I played this song a million times on my Ipod while deciding what I was going to do with the completed manuscript to, “When I Thought I Was Tough,” but when that manuscript was  submitted it was clear how badly I wanted this.  Make no mistake, I will look at that uphill climb that seems to be completely vertical and conquer that mountain.  I look forward to seeing what I find at the top.

Most important is that I leave a road for others behind me and clear most of the debris that I can.  When I first started this journey I thought I was all alone, but I find that my path intersects with others who are trying to reach the top.  Some for fame and glory, some for self-fulfillment, others to be able to say they did it once, and those like me who want to reach the top then find another literary mountain to climb.  Not only am I a writer, but I am a path forger, I am a leader to some, but follow behind others before me, I am a mountain climber and I welcome the company.

If you have thought about writing, making music, becoming an entrepreneur, or whatever your dream I leave you with this thought: Even if you never take a step forward the end will still find its way to you, but it mightnot be the end you are looking for, so take the first step onto that new path and ask yourself, “How bad do you want it?”

I want it bad.  I am the author of two novels and working on my third and fourth, my current release is, “Be Still,” published by Iuniverse.  Read my book and see where my path has taken me so far.


2 responses to “How Bad Do You Want It?

  1. You hit the nail on the head. If you want something badly enough then you will work hard to achieve your goals. Your dreams will not come to you unless you put the effort in. Good luck with your books.

    • Thank you, Pete. It is rare, though there are exceptions, that greatness will come knock on someone’s door. Sometimes you have to grab the bull by the horns then ride that bull into town before you are noticed…and sometimes you will need emergency attention after and your “noticing” will come from the headlines, “a not brilliant person tried to grab a bull by the horns and ride it into town after being impaled ten times…her story here,” and then the fame begins :-p

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