Working It Despite It Being MY Day

At least two tweets
Shower the kid who peed on me last night
Leave hotel
Pick up other kid
Give mom her Mother’s Day Gift
Watch daughter’s excitement as she discovers the gnomes she befriended left her shiny hair clips
Pay too much for gas…die a little
Pay too much to feed kids
Drive to Calico
Get uneven tan from being on passenger’s Sunnyside of van
Fun in Calico
Drive over 100miles to take daughter back to dad
Drive 80 miles back
Start on call shift in recovery room
Try and finish marketing/press release kit

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms who are still working it on your special day.


7 responses to “Working It Despite It Being MY Day

  1. betterlettered

    Mother’s Day – yes. Good in theory. I like it as a concept. Reality does tend to get in the way though! Hope you got the marketing/press release done. I’m a firm believer in one tasty little bit of dream pursuit every day… Louise x

  2. monicagedwards

    Happy Mother’s Day, love ur agenda, dont forget to take some time to give urself a big pat on the back. Calico has a candy shop and i think they make fudge, im just sayen if Mama isnt happy nobody is. Hope u and ur family have a great day

  3. I’m writing too. Why can’t we spend Mother’s Day doing what we love? Check out the origin of this day at my other blog It was started by Juliet Ward Howe and intended to be a day of action by mothers against war.

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