The Almighty Numbers Game

Now that I am “live,” with my book, “Be Still,” I am receiving all my marketing service emails to proof my marketing items included in my package:bookmarks, business cards, postcards and my two free author edition books in softcover and hardcover.  What I also received was an email stating the author discount prices on book purchasing which outline the standard discounts based on quantities purchased, and this is where I am so happy I excel in math.  Here is the discount outline (it’s printed on Iuniverse so I’m not giving up inside secrets).
I figured I would put about $1,000 into purchasing books and keeping them on hand. So I started doing the math, and here is where I urge people to please work ALL the numbers before committing to purchase ANYTHING anywhere. Follow along:

1-24 copies = 30% discount
25-49 copies = 35% discount
50-99 copies = 40% discount
100-249 copies = 45% discount
250-499 copies = 50% discount
500-999 copies = 55% discount
1000-4999 copies = 60% discount
5000+++ copies = 65% discount

24 books x $17.95= 430.80 – 30% = $301.56 Now that is for 24 softcover books at 30% off
25 books (just one book more) x $17.95 = $448.75 – 35% (the next discount up)= $291.68
okay, do you see how ordering 25 books rather than 24 actually saved you money? Aprox $10. So you save $10 and get an extra book. Let’s raise the stakes to 99 books at 40% discount:
99 x $17.95 – 40%= $1066.23 now lets move up one book –>
100 x $17.95 – 45%= $987.25 you have saved aprox $80 at this point by ordering just one more book. If you order 108 books at 45% discount it comes out to $1066.23, which is the exact same amount as getting 99 books, except you get 108 instead of 99 (and my mom is probably totally confused at this point).
My advice to everyone, whether it be books or grocery shopping, is do the math. Be smart about your purchases and get the most for your money. And definitely watch those price breaks. Always work the numbers at the borders of the breaks, sometimes they work in your favor and sometimes they don’t. My own son works the numbers: a gaming card is $5 = 5,000 gaming points but $25 card= $1800 gaming points. When he bought five $5 cards I asked why he didn’t just get one $25 card. The answer: because five $5 cards=25,000 points and one $25 card=1800, by purchasing separate he had 7,000 more points. So purchasing higher does not always equate better savings. Dust off the calculator or get an app, my soon to be grad does it, so can you.

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3 responses to “The Almighty Numbers Game

  1. WHAT! I had to read it three X’s and I think I get it. Less is more 😦

  2. WHAT! I read it 3X’s and I think I get it. It to early in the AM to do math Lol 😦

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