I Believe In the Underdog: Share your story

My optimistic self is sitting here, eating a stale turkey and swiss sandwich, anxiously waiting for another few hours before I get to go home.  I figured, until then I might as well make a go at being productive.

Last night I was searching something about self publishing and one link lead into another link which eventually lead me to links on vanity publishing horror stories.  Iuniverse was a widely named culprit, although some of the accusers from other companies had their share of formal, wordy complaints also.  I was petrified and wondered if I had blindly and gladly fallen into a scam.  The last article I read was how several people never received their royalty checks and I gasped and pretty much fell asleep with that horrified face.

Early in the morning (before getting called in for a full day of work), I started searching Iuniverse success stories.  The way I see it, they can’t all be bad or else they would be out of business. In which I soon discover Author Solutions, owners of Iuniverse, AuthorHouse, and Xlibris are for sale, but trading hands isn’t a crime so I can’t and won’t judge on that subject.  How many other companies finally made a name and then sold. But it does worry me, because I feel like I may be lost in a shuffle.  I realize that worrying about what may be is a waste of time and move on.

 Except, now, I am quickly scrambling for those success stories to appease my brain.. which are there, but far less numbers than the complaints.  But I do realize people with complaints tend to be more vocal than people with rave reviews.  The squeaky wheel theory comes to mind.

I have spent 6 months telling readers about my Iuniverse experience, which has been top-notch, but I am looking to find other authors who have completed the process and have a book out to tell me their experience, so I can share it with the blogging, new authors, and self publishing community.

Part of me is doing this for my sanity, but the other part is to tell about those success stories and share in them.  We self published authors should share and celebrate our success with each other.  So for all of you who have self published and have a great story to tell, have advice, or lessons please let me know at author@tanialramos.com so I can share them with others for encouragement in knowing that sometimes the underdog does succeed.


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