Social Media=Procrastination?

You can read my other blogs about my daily routine.  The blah blah blah of my humdrum mornings before rushing off to work and wishing I was having a humdrum day! So, today I woke up promptly at 0530 am to birds chirping, the sun softly rising, beautiful, large floribundas blooming in my yard, and the Wrightwood mountains off in the clear-blue-sky distance.  Days like these, I love my desert home.

So I opened my computer which is acting quite bizarre after my three Windows updates last night, and so the matter of precedence was backing up all my files before my 4 year-old Sony Vaio bites the dust.  Or is it “bytes.” <–computer humor, I crack myself up.  So when all my important files were backed up along with pictures, I moved along into my morning routine of checking the countless social media sites I now dominate.   And I say dominate because in my head they are probably the only things I will ever rule.

Facebook.  Twitter. GoodReads. WordPress.

I played on Twitter a while and feel content that I am getting the hang of it and will no longer purchase my Twitter for dummies book, although I am now looking into Podcasting For Dummies.  It never really ends, does it?

I didn’t know how much actually went into self-publishing a novel.  Now I know I forever shamelessly plug my first book, “When I Thought I Was Tough (still a free read),” but that book was practice.  Although I would someday like to get it edited and do the revision, but the hard-file is lost and so is all hope that the day will come that I manually rewrite it.  So my next book, “Be Still,” should be out soon (fingers crossed) and since I dropped so much money into it I decided that it should be properly marketed.  I have said time and again that I would love to sell a million and be able to stay home and write full-time.  I’ve never lied about that.  It is my dream.

With that dream comes the need to market, advertise, co-op, socialize, and actually . . . work! I shudder.  Does this sound familiar, “I am a writer not a marketer.” And so I tweet and try not to inundate my personal Facebook friends with my book updates, and look into marketing strategies which all point back to social media.  But in order to make friends or “connections” one must spend exponential hours researching people with like interests.  And, honestly, I love what most people are saying, but I have discovered that in order to be effective one must be constantly updating, and while updating and connecting I’m thinking, “Shouldn’t  I be writing that proposal?” At the same time, “This is marketing isn’t it?” The next thought, “Social media=procrastination.” And so I shut down Twitter and came to my blog so I can tell you all about how social media=procrastination … I’m doing it now.  Aren’t you?

Presenting: Be Still Spring 2012 (I hope)


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