Writer’s Blues

Every time I turn on my computer I follow the same routine (beware, shameless plugs this way —>), stats on “Be Still,” book trailer, stats at Bookemon for my first book, “When I Thought I Was Tough” which has found its way into the #3 spot for most liked fiction books and #7 for most read fiction book all thanks to you all.  Then I check my email to see if my “live” date has been posted, then I check Twitter to see the news on books, authors, writers, up coming seminars and marketing strategies (great finds on there).  All the while I’m doing this there is a small tab on my home page that mocks me.

I move on to check my personal website TaniaLRamos.com and now I have to check the book website BeStillNovel.com.  Each time I flip between screens that tab on my homepage does its little dance to catch my attention.  I wince and move on.  Time to google search,” marketing cheap,” “marketing on a budget,” “marketing made easy,” “marketing for dummmies,” etc.  And I realize there are a million strategies, but only few that pertain to books, which is quite defeating.  I lower my screen and smile at that little icon on my desktop, “Soon,” I say, knowing that’s not true.

Time to learn what a podcast is and how it will benefit me.  Continue to research video book review services to see if I can match what they offer and what more I can offer to sweeten the deal.  I sigh.  This marketing business is time-consuming, but I’ve made wonderful connections and had a memorable experience just getting to this point.  So, I’m determined to persevere on past my writer’s blues, because for as much time and energy–what little I have left after a 12 hour shift at work–all that goes into my current book waiting to be, “printed-on-demand,” while that little, bashful, waiting its day in the spotlight icon on my desktop for book number three, “A Man’s Worth,” is completely neglected.

A week and a half have passed since I last opened that anxious icon, and when I did, I typed my heart out and felt wonderful.  Three chapters completed in one day.  Then I felt guilty that I wasn’t working on structuring a marketing program for, “Be Still.”  I’m caught between two loves.  They both beckon me, “Tania? We love you.  We need you.  We will die without you.” A love triangle if you will.  Bitter sweet.  And so the writer’s blues continue, as I prepare to shove off to work for 12 hours, come home at 11pm only to sleep and move on again at 7am tomorrow…but Saturday, “Saturday, my sweet books.  Saturday I promise to devote half a day to each book…right after I work on my spring garden some more, clean the room, pay the bills, dye my hair–I’m sorry, Books, I’m a woman and I have needs too–take dogs a bath, wash and vacuum the van, and clean the girl’s room.  Then.  Then I promise I will get to you both.  Until then, I remain your humble marketer with the writer’s blues.”


4 responses to “Writer’s Blues

  1. Frankly, Scarlett–I don’t know how you do all that you do. I’m amazed, awed–and now my head hurts too. God bless you always, Caddo

  2. I’m so with you on this! I spend half of my free time writing blogs about not writing novels! I have written about 2300 words this week though, and I AM going to write Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    I promise!

    • My issue with time is that I work on-call as a nurse, which means I have to scurry to make 40 hrs a week, which means that I am sometimes working 5-6 days a week because my hours can range from 2-24. It’s exhausting, so when I come home I don’t have energy to write anymore, and when I do then I am with you: Writing blogs about not writing. LOL. I’m still seeking my independently wealthy status so I can go back to writing full time.

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