Video Book Reviews Offered

I have been racking my brain, trying to think of something fun that I can do relating to reading, writing, and my new found appreciation of video blogging (Vlogging).  And so I have decided to try my hand at video book reviews that I can post to YouTube.  My first review will be of a book I was given at the LA Book Fest (Check out my video blog of that here).  I think this will be exciting, in fact, I know it will be.  It combines my love of reading with my love of playing with videos.

So, if anybody has a book for me to review or knows a friend who needs a little publicity, please send me an email at

What I will do:

  • I will read the book along with one other person who is interested in that genre.
  • We will review the book on video and post it to YouTube
  • You get your choice of add-on options: High Def, link to website(s), link to book trailer, book club style review or basic book review
  • Link to video on my blog
  • Rights to quote any review mentioned on the video
  • Copy of video may be purchased, may be used on personal website only
  • Author interview can be added
  • Link posted to my Twitter account and tweeted daily for one month
  • Book added to my Facebook page dedicated to this venue

What this offers is an inexpensive platform for new authors who seek exposure.  I am gearing this toward self-published and indie authors at first, but am open to every book.  The cost will be reasonable, far less than going through huge review companies who don’t offer video reviews and exposure. The cost is mainly to cover my time in editing and pay off the kid who will be forced to work at minimum wage doing so.

Lastly, at the end of the year I will compile a list of the books and list them on my blog and YouTube video.  I will also host a Vlog Book of the Year award and feature a special video on why that book was chosen as well as a link on my blog and Twitter.  There will be multiple exposure.  The first person to respond will get this service free.  All I ask is that you spread the word.


2 responses to “Video Book Reviews Offered

  1. This is a really good idea. I think video blogging is becoming more and more prevalent at the moment. Best of luck with it.

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