I’m Leaving My Home: The Wallflower meets other Writers

Today I am leaving the comfy confines of my desert oasis.  Yes, my home set in the middle of some high desert in Southern California, where the winds howl, the sun scorches, and the winter’s sting will be growing smaller in my rearview mirror as I drive off to attend my very first meeting of The High Desert Branch of the California Writer’s Club.  Today they have two guest speakers, but since it is my end of the week to have my daughter, I will likely only sit through part of this special engagement.  Both speakers today are part of the HD CWC, and again, being my friendly, introverted, nerdy self have read through every link on the website to prestudy who they are.  It’s not that I wonder if they are good enough for me to attend, as my pain in the butt friend has so nobly suggested, but to see if I’m worthy to join their ranks.  Me, some unknown author with some very raw self-published book.  Me, who just finished what she hopes is a final edit of her coming soon book, “Be Still (<– book trailer link).”

It’s not easy being the new girl.  What finds me comfort, though, is that reading through other blogs and websites, I have found that many writers are introverts and wallflowers just like me.  Its not that I don’t enjoy getting out either, or that I’m some hermit woman sitting at home eating bon bons with her two dogs, three cats, turtle and bird … possibly a bunny if mom takes my daughter to the petshop while I am at my HD CWC meeting (Don’t do it mom).  In my case, I simply don’t have much time to dawdle outside my home.  I work 36+ hours (last week was 48 plus an on-call 12 hours in there), so when I come home I want to write.  Oh how I miss the endless days of writing while on state disability.  There’s not enough hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in the year to have a budding social life…but if my Rising Star evaluation team reads this I’m probably doomed to the rejection pile for having no social depth.  SO I have vowed to get out more, to mingle, socialize, and meet other creative entities to feed my socially starved brain.  By the way, if you don’t see me at the meeting, I promise I was there.  I just tend to blend in with the wallpaper.

I will write the other half of this when I return … PART TWO TONIGHT!!!


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