I’m Leaving My Home: The Wallflower meets other Writers P2

Read this blog first, or skip ahead to the good parts.  🙂 I’m Leaving My Home: The Wallflower meets other Writers.

So I attended my first High Desert Chapter of the California Writers Club meeting today and they had two guest speakers who were also chapter members.  I took stringent notes.  First off, this is the fastest growing chapter of the California Writer’s Club with 101 members.  Somehow, I was surprised at that, since I live in the desert version of the boondocks, where the desert tortoise and the coyotes roam, but we have an abundance of charming Joshua Trees to line out highways.  Anyhow, the meeeting was pretty crowded, well over 30 people in attendance which is twenty more than I expected, and every one very friendly.  I met a nice man who writes sci-fi horror and is thinking of transforming one book into a graphic novel.  It was both of our first time there, and I wished him the best.

As for me, I did what I do best: sat and took meticulous notes…which explains why i’m always nominated for secretary positions.  Of course my notes are all taken in color, which just makes sense to me.  So the discussion was about writing a pitch and they gave very valuable information and steps into pitch writing.  Then they broke into lunch and would return for a more hands on portion, but I couldn’t stay because I had stated before, this is my time with my daughter and I didn’t want to take that away.  But I did stop to chat with the speakers and ask permission to post a link to a wonderful new website one woman is building called www.PitchyourWork.com where authors can upload a pic of their book along with an audio pitch and book trailer link.  I would have liked to stay to do my audio recording but had to get home and to Target because starving your cats is illegal in most states.

Much of what I learned today was stuff I learned on a webinar I took last week, but presented different and with a different spin.  I have now sat through three seminars on how to pitch your work, each is different in its own way, and from each a take a different perspective and use what I feel applies to me.  What I liked about the HDCWC is that it was close to home and sociable.  They have critique groups, reading groups, and meet every 2nd Saturday of the month and next month will host a meet and greet to share books, talents, and information.  I don’t have much to offer unless someone needs info in medical matters or in creating a book trailer, but whatever they can use from me I’ll gladly offer.  All in all it was a productive day and I’m hoping  I stuck out like a shocking pink wallflower against a taupe flower wallpaper.

Next week: LA Book Festival and my first video blog


3 responses to “I’m Leaving My Home: The Wallflower meets other Writers P2

  1. Hi Tania, We were happy to have you at the HDCWC meeting yesterday. Sorry I did not get to meet you. Our group is friendly and a great resource for authors. I do hope you come again.

    Roberta Smith
    author and member of the HDCWC

  2. Sounds like a great group of writers! Glad you found something close to home where you can get writing critiques and meet fellow writers. 🙂

  3. Mary Scott your postings are excellent and enjoy nowing when my time is right there are places to go and results to be obtained. I’ll stay tuned to your great strides.

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