Help! Blog Tour in the making

I am officially over reading my novel! This is the umpteenth time I have had to read it, but it is my own last quality check and I’m glad i’ve done it because I have found a few problems in it already.  I was also sent a proof of my cover which looks like the cover for a romance novel (as it has been titled on the back page).  So I am returning it and asking the font be changed along with the genre.  Other than that, it is impeccable.  I love what they wrote for the back jacket cover for the hard copy.  And, also, the Editor’s Choice icon has been placed on the back cover for soft and hard cover copies.  It was also estimated that for 278 pages it should be sold at $17.95 for softcover, which I think is kind of high for an unknown, but that area is not my forte.

I also stayed awake until 1 am last night trying to finish up my survey for Rising Star.  I have since realized that publishing is hard work! I have researched target audience and come up short, unless I would like to sell televisions to monks in Des Moine, for that I can figure out how to mark up a target audience.  Books are inherently different, though.  The more I knit picked, the more I realized only sad, depressed, lonely people would want to read my book, so I had to search for the brighter side also…hence, women ages 18-60 who have a more positive outlook…according to my sources.

Next, I must start writing my marketing campaign, namely my queries into finding book signing events … which reminds me, is anyone out there interested in hosting a blog tour day in May? You will receive a free softcover copy of the book to read first, or an e-read download, your choice.  I’m hoping to get at least 5 days, but would like 7-10 days.  My son will do my first day, a video blog, for YouTube.  If you host a blog day tour, I will make sure to link your blog or media outlet that day on my blog site, as well as list it on the Blog Tour video on YouTube.  It doesn’t matter what kind of venue you have either: video (skype), blog, or e-zine, I will make sure to link you.  If you have any other suggestions just let me know.

As for my Iuniverse treatment, I must say I have been treated like royalty and they are on top of their game.  I received a message from my very first liason with congratulations, and I received a call only moments after opening my email and proofs from my PSA who noticed I had opened my mail.  They answer questions and concerns in a prompt manner, and have been nothing but professional.  I have been working with Iuniverse since November 2011 and would not hesitate to publish my next novel with them again.  If you do check this out and use them make sure to tell them Tania L Ramos sent you with high recommendations.

As for the blog tour, just leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to doing my first tour, hopefully not my last.  All suggestions for marketing ideas also welcomed…oh yeah, I have to write those letters to ask business if they will host a book signing.  This is a lot of work.  Now off to read and proof the second half of the manuscript.


2 responses to “Help! Blog Tour in the making

  1. Wow, Tania–my admiration and awe increase with each new announcement from you. Great job, you’ve done–your perseverance astounds me (and puts me to shame)–you’ve really worked hard–and you actually want to do another book! Congrats on everything!! I’m curious why the Editor’s Choice icon goes on the back… As far as hosting blog tours, you might consider talking to Julie Catherine Vigna at her blog–time constraints, plus not knowing about the whole “hosting” thing, prevent me from raising my hand excitedly to volunteer. Julie was talking to me about her recent experience, so she’d at least know what is involved. Continued good luck to you, Tania–God bless you abundantly.

  2. I also wondered why the icon is on the back and not front, but I am told the front is for larger recognitions like winning national contests or making someone’s “bestseller” list, namely New York Times. I suppose this small-though its huge to me-award is listed on the back, There is one award they give which goes on the front but that is after being accepted into the Rising Star program and selling 1000+ books, which I am ultimately aiming for. Okay, I won’t lie-I’m aiming for best seller status, but I’m happy just to be nominated 😉

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