I Have More To Say

This blog was supposed to be exclusively about my experience with Iuniverse.com, but after reading through my blog history, I have discovered this: I have more to say.  I have shameless plugs, books reviews, self-publishing information, contests, rants, and writing on the inner workings of my mind.  And so, this morning, I decided to do some WordPress reorganization and house cleaning.  I have added two new categories, “Book Reviews,” which I plan to do more of, “and Iuniverse Experience,” which deals only with my Iuniverse interactions.  I’m not sure if there is another category somewhere in there, but for now some organization is better than no organization.

Last night I spent countless hours doing countless research and found something troubling . . . everybody wants you to sign up, join their email address, or pay to subscribe.  So it occurred to me that since I have done all this research, visited all these pages, then maybe I would review them too and start a list of valuable websites . . . you just have to join my service, buy my book, host a blog tour date, and guess the name of my imaginary friend.  Not too difficult.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I’m going to get nerdy and think how to come up with my new information page for self-published writers . . . or anyone who needs some quality information.


3 responses to “I Have More To Say

  1. This blogging malarkey gets out of hand doesn’t it. You start off wanting to do one thing and everything else takes over. It does make for interesting reading. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. I’m with Pete and you, re “malarkey”–it’s a wonderful word, and sums things up beautifully. Tania, you’re the greatest–I appreciate your helpful info–and, thanks for the nudge about “organizing the blog”…I think. However my very slight & only occasional OCD might make that into a formidable task….I’ll ponder it some more, maybe have a lie down, eat something first at least… God bless you!

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