I’m Supposed to Leave my Home?

As I posted previously, I am now in cover copy polish, but today I received an interesting email that had my application into the, “Rising Star,” program.  Talk about labor intensive.  They say it’s a quick survey, yet I sit here sweating bullets, trying desperately to sell myself, marketing campaign, and book to people who only know me by the answers to their questions.  The area I am having particular trouble in is defining my target audience.  Now, being the nerd I am, and not wanting to sound the remedial marketer I am, I Google search, “target audience.”  I am hit with zillions of hits, but most don’t pertain to what I am searching for.  Time to narrow the search … BAM! hit with tons of sites offering their fee based services.  I’m thinking I can figure this out on my own with the correct resources, so I continue to search, and so far it has been two hours in and I have determined my market is greater than women ages 17-57, but the heck are they? I remain humbled by this question.

Next perplexing question: DO you have any professional affiliations, belong to any groups, churches, or community organizations? I’m thinking, OH CRAP! You mean I’m supposed to leave the confines of my home? Then I think, outisde of the fact that I just found a writer’s club out here, I belong to nothing, but if I say I’m going to start attending these meetings it will come off as someone scrambling to find a place to belong.  Sorta like my kid rushing for the activities colleges are looking for.  So, I list my mom’s church, which is as close to church as I have been in years…does guilty by association work here?

Then I’m asked if i’ve won any awards or accolades? Geesh! You mean I have to be good, too? I think the term, “what the ….” slipped my lips.  Now I struggle to recall if I won that award for haikus back in ninth grade.  Does, “my mom thinks I’m amazing,” count? How about my versatile blogger award? I remember my first book, “Be Still,” was in the top five most voted for books for Book of The Year, so I document that after chewing my nails to a stub, hoping they don’t sit their and laugh.

Next question: DO you personally know anybody in media, radio, television, newspaper, magazines, who you can contact? And i’m thinking, “ummmmm, no.”  My ex-husband works for Universal Studios Hollywood and if a book happens to fall in the lap of say, Steven Spielberg, then my exhusband is as close as I will get to knowing someone in the business…too bad he’s an EMT who works the park.

All-in-all, my brain is fried with working on this “Simple” survey.  I have devulged my bargain basement marketing plan, financial budgeting, lack of contacts, uniqueness of my book, and the books it is similar too (which was more research), and now I am truly spent.  I will do more work tomorrow and try not to answer with too many, “n/a,” in my answers.  I’m new to this, so I hope they see that I am doing what I can, above and beyond, especially with limited time.

Happy Easter to you all who celebrate it! I’ll keep you informed of my progress.


One response to “I’m Supposed to Leave my Home?

  1. Tania, I so enjoy living vicariously through your adventures! Seriously–love the way you write/tell a story about your real life!

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