I won Editor’s Choice & Iuniverse review update

I received word two days ago (I’ve been very busy since then), late afternoon that I did receive the Iuniverse designation for, “Editor’s Choice.”  I was so happy, but no happy dance video due to the fact that I was at work with recovery patients when I received the email.  But I was dancing up a storm on the inside.  This designation will be placed on the back of my books as an icon with the words, “Editor’s Choice,” on it.  This makes it a bit more distinguishable, but more so than that, and on a personal note, it’s an honor to have received this designation of recognition on my very first indie book.  It will also be featured in a special section in the Iuniverse catalog of book.

What does it mean? Well, it is a symbol that Iuniverse editors feel this book is up to mainstream market standards and has the qualities of a professionally published book.  So this is kind of a big for me deal, if you read my first book, “When I Thought I Was Tough,” (free read on bookemon.com), then read, “Be Still,” (due next month, fingers crossed) then you will see I have come a long way, and to receive this designation is only comparable to being given a diploma.  I had so many changes to make, most were in point of view since I was head hopping the entire initial manuscript, and I had to rewrite it all.  But I learned valuable lessons (at a cost), but mistakes I will not make again, so I take it as a learning experiences, and I can only hope my pocketbook will recover as nicely as my ego has.


     What comes with Editor’s Choice designation?

  • The opportunity to move up to The Rising Star, Reader’s Choice, and Star programs … the higher up you move, the more publicity is given to the book to the point they will pitch the book to mainstream publishing houses
  • Free icon placement on the back of the book
  • Free professional art direction for the book cover … meaning they bring it up to the standards of a professional looking book
  • Featured in a separate placement under Editor’s Choice section on the Iuniverse website
  • Invitation to send contest entry forms and books to iUniverse publicity staff for entry into writing contests that authors cannot enter on their own.

After you sell 500 books, and at least half of those can not be purchased by the author, you are eligible to move up the ranks to the Rising Star program or Reader’s Choice.  The reason they have these stepping stones is to see how well the author markets the book.  In fact, to get into one of these programs, one must fill out an application that clearly states a marketing plan or strategy…it doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, either.  I spoke with someone in regards to that and his stance was that Iuniverse wants to make sure they do not put extra resources, money, and time into a book that the author is not himself/herself working for.  Okay, I’m comfortable with that response.

Today I received an email that I am moving into cover copy polish: This is where they make sure my bio, tag line, and synapse is relevant and free of grammatical errors.  They make it look professional with professional and industry standards to stand up to the quality of books currently on the shelf.   They say it should stand out in a positive way, not look like a sore thumb on the shelf.  This process takes two weeks then it moves into cover production.

By the way, on a kudos to Iuniverse note, the free editorial markup they completed was A-mazing! There were so many errors the first editor did not catch, and many would have been obvious to the reader.  But Iuniverse saw that this was a problem that should have been caught in my paid editing, and instead of telling me to pay again, they recognized the error and fixed it free of charge.  I am impressed, it would have been so easy to say I had to pay another fee and they make money … which I have been told, many of their editors are outsourced and the payment does not go entirely to iuniverse.  Either way, thank you all for having amazing ethics.

In closing, my overall opinion of Iuniverse to date is a resounding, “Woo hoo!” that’s a ten by the way, or five stars or however the scale works.  I would highly recommend them and this month they are offer 43% off their publishing package, which is cheaper than I paid for mine, and once you purchase it, it is yours whether you submit a manuscript today or next year.  I’d look into it or simply browse the website.  And don;t forget to check out my book trailer on YouTube, I am up to 125 hits in a little over a month, which is also a big deal for an unknown author, so you all are really helping me get the word out.  Please, as always, feel free to ask me anything about the self-publishing experience (scary, yet hopeful), creating a book trailer, and/or my experience with Iuniverse.  Happy a great weekend everyone.


2 responses to “I won Editor’s Choice & Iuniverse review update

  1. Wow, Tania–you are just soaring like an eagle! I’m so thrilled for you, proud of you–great great great, wonderful–Congratulations!!! God bless you Big.

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