Sneak Peek Sunday: Chapter 3

This is a chapter I had to rewrite a dozen or so times because I felt like I wasn’t getting it right.  When I finally thought I had I it right, my hard drive crashed! I had to go back and rewrite chapters 1-11 from memory.  I hurried through them, because I was already done with the book and by this point I wanted to throw the manuscript into a blazing fire.  Ever have that car that was nothing but problems since day one? That car that you said just had to be cursed with bad juju? Or Stephen King’s reason for writing, “Christine?” Well, this book was my Christine, and by the time I hit chapter three in the final rewrite (before rewriting it to point of view specifications), I was fit to murder and/or maim (I was indecisive at that point).  When it was all complete I was actually very satisfied with the chapter and glad the hard drive crashed.  Somethings are worth the rewrite.  Hope you enjoy a snippit into Chapter Three:  The Chapter that wouldn’t die…bwahuahauahahahahaha


*****                           *****                      *****                        *****                ******

Nearly two weeks crept by, and Jack still hadn’t told his son about the illness, though not for lack of trying. This wasn’t the sort of matter to be left to the coldness of an answering machine. Besides, he wanted to tell him in person, to see his expression. Not that he expected any kind of sentimental emotion, but he did not want his message to sit for days on voice mail, or maybe Travis would hit delete before he even heard it. This was agonizing and torturous.

Eventually a solid month passed, and Jack wasn’t finding sleep any better; paranoia about suffocating to death from his disease, coupled with the recurring nightmares, ensued night after restless night. Most nights he awoke drenched in a cold sweat, unsure of what the dreams were about. He figured not remembering it at all would be best, because the parts he did recall was seeing Shannon’s face soaked in blood, her bold and lifeless eyes stained red, almost animalistic, trying to consume his soul with their wild, ravenous gaze. She would call his name long and drawn out, her voice raspy and seductive as a demonic vixen, ensnaring him to go closer where she could steal away his life and end his pain.

*****                        *****                        ******                         ******                    ******

In chapter three the reader is finally introduced to the background storyline between Jack and his wayward son, Travis.  This is a very short chapter, only one full page with about 3/4 of another standard Words page…so maybe three pages in a standard book.  What I tried to portray though Jack was how he truly felt, not some idealistic fairy tale life.  He is a real man.  Full with strangling thoughts, fears, paranoia, and raw emotion.  He’s torn between nightmares and life, which sometimes interchange.  But the point I really wanted to hit was that Jack, above all else, in spite of wanting to die, was very much afraid.  The rest of this chapter goes on to explain why there was so much turmoil in his life, but I couldn’t copy that part.  Then I’d have to change Sneak Peek SUnday to, “SPoiler Alert.”  Hope you enjoyed.


2 responses to “Sneak Peek Sunday: Chapter 3

  1. Hi Tania–forgive me if you’ve already answered this 2-part question, and I’ve missed it.

    I’m wondering whether you found it particularly challenging to write from the male character’s perspective–his fears, feelings, thoughts. And if so, what aspects were most challenging? I guess this is a 3rd part–were there particular males in your circle, you drew from?

    Wishing you well. May you and your family have a blessed Easter Week.

  2. I find it harder to write women. Why? I don’t know. I think I am genarally biased toward women because they are so darn complex. I write men the way I have known them to be. I grew up with men (boys) as my bestfriends. I was always, “one of the guys,” so I got some insight into who they were when they weren’t putting on the bravado around the gals. All-in-all, they were just as scared as we were, but had to put on a stronger front.
    The most challenging part is not giving into too much of the emotion. After all, they are men, but that is why I write many things from their thoughts and not in narrative. Also, as a woman, I want to show that men aren’t all brutish and tough.
    I did not draw from any one particular person though. This is a culmanation of what I have found over the years. Sometimes it pays to be, “one of the guys.”

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