Hopeful, despite my rant

My intention for this post was to write about, “For Love or Money,” a look into why people write and publish their works.  However, after the horrific day I had yesterday, I choose instead to rant about the silver lining on clouds, or light at the end of the tunnel.

You see, this week started out just fine.  I had a fifty-two hour work week, which meant 12 hours of overt time, and a nice juicy paycheck, and the opportunity to pay off a high interest credit card.  Well, I was sent home 3 hours early on Monday, and due to oversight, lost three hours on Tuesday.  No matter, still end up with 6 hours overtime. Except, while sitting with my patient in recovery yesterday (I’m a recovery room nurse, by the way), I received a phone call from my mom.  When I went to lunch I returned to call to find out water was pouring from her light socket.  Pouring! Not that a trickle would be any better.  Raining from the ceiling is bad.  Raining from the first floor ceiling where there is a bedroom above that ceiling is worse.  Finding out the upstairs bathroom is flooded for unknown reason is not looking any better, and I wonder where the heck that cloud with the silver lining went only to discover that light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming at me with full verocity…and smack…over $2,000 later, I am short money, shorted hours at work, using a high interest credit card to pay a deductible, searching for a plumber and electrician, and praying the cause of the damage is covered under my insurance policy.  If it is not, we can certainly tack on much much more money to that $2,000 deductible, which after 27.99% interest, paid over, oh I don’t know, let’s say two years, will turn into a $4,000 bill.

Where is the silver lining? Oye! I have been fortunate enough to have not suffered a migraine in two months, but my left eye is twitching, there is pain just above my left brow, and my neck is stiff.  What’s better is that I have to go to work today while somehow searching for a plumber, electrician, and following up with my insurance….and wait….is that a light at the end of this dark tunnel?

SMACK!!!!         Nope.  Guess not.

Here is my simple, but humble request to God.  I do not need a million dollars.  I just need for a series of unfortunate events to not collaborate all at once.  I do not blame you.  I blame the plumbers who put my home together.  But if you can raise a man from the dead, make blind to see, and heal leapars, than surely you can fix a pipe and stop the raining from inside the house.  I thank you for the rain we had last week.  I have beautiful pink flowers on my Peach tree today.  But showing your divinty by creating rain inside the house….well I applaud your showmanship, but kindly request that the water recede without any mold or further damage to the electricity.  I also ask that you show me what the silver lining in all this is.  And maybe send a very cheap but good plumber my way.  This may sound like a complaint being lodged, it is not.  All i’m asking is that maybe you show me why this is happening and what good will come of it.  I am hopeful despite my rant and believe you have a reason for everything.  Thank you for my family.  For providing me with a job (but selling books and being a fulltime writer is good too, hint hint).  Thank you for the health of my family and watching over them.  And thank you for the little pink flowers on my peach tree that have bloomed despite my ignoring it all winter.

I have a strong family, and we will get through this, but I hope we will get through it with the least amount of money loss.  Did anyone win the CA lotto on Tuesday? Well, here’s to hoping I sell a million books…or least a thousand, that should cover my water damages.  Tomorrow, “For Love or Money.”


3 responses to “Hopeful, despite my rant

  1. Tania, I LOVE this–I love the way you speak so honestly to God, as that’s truly the only way He wants it (in my humble, but experienced opinion)! May He bless you–in book sales and plumbers–abundantly today!

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