Milestones, Small Victories, And Shameless Plugs

First off, I know it is Sneak Peak Sunday, I will post that in a separate blog.  In this one I would like to toot my own horn about a few very small milestones.  But its the milestones that make the journey memorable.  First off, thank you all who have click through the link to watch my book trailer on YouTube.  If you haven’t seen it, then please click through and please, please share the Book Trailer for, “Be Still,” coming out this Spring 2012.  It is sharing that makes word-of-mouth so valuable, and the easiest and cheapest form of advertisement.  As a nearly starving writer, I need all the free publicity I can get (or afford…and I can afford free).  So my YouTube milestone is that I have hit 100 views.  As an unknown, I am proud to have hit the 3 digits.

My next big milestone is with my first book, “When I Thought I Was Tough,” that is a raw self-publish on  Again, I think this a great website to publish through, but does not offer any resources whatsoever.  I am proud to say my first book was published here, and that in this venture I learned so much.  Bookemon will forever be my first milestone into writing and publishing.  I wish my external harddrive wouldn’t have crashed, because I would love to go back and be able to edit this book with everything I have learned to this point.  But again, my own shameless plug (because I’m certainly not ashamed of this book), is that “When I Thought I Was Tough,” can be read for FREE through the link.  My milestone is that I am now over 1500 reads on my book.  And that says something, in my opinion.  So again, please read the book, pass on the link, and hit the like button, or sign up (it’s free), and make me  a favorite.  Also click the share buttons and send the link to your social media.

My third milestone is again with my first book.  I have ranked as one of the most liked book on  My book is now featured on the home page.  Woo hoo! I am also fifth on most read, and I believe eighth on most liked, and fourth on most favorite.  I am moving up the ranks, only behind book swritten by high schoolers who have their entire high school reading them, but I digress, because those are talented kids who have accomplished more in their teens than I did in 37 yrs.  So kudos to those kids, but also props to me for realizing a lifelong dream.

As for my new book, “Be Still,” I am waiting for final word from the editor at Iuniverse, but I am getting the word out.  I have passed out countless business cards to people at the local bookstore, have discovered there is a high Desert Chapter of a writer’s group out here in Podunk, and recently-by chance-met a librarian with an affinity for reading, who vowed to tell everyone she meets about my book and how she met the author while  getting ready for surgery.  She calls it her, “chance encounter.”  Sounds very distinguished.  So thank you all for sharing in my milestones, and being a part of my small victories on the road to building my career as an author who can write for a living.  And don;t forget to look at my recently updated website at  Have a good week everyone.


2 responses to “Milestones, Small Victories, And Shameless Plugs

  1. Congrats all the way around, Tania!!

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