Book Review: The Christmas Wedding, James Patterson

In my quest to become a better writer, I vowed to get back into reading.  As I wrote in my last post, after an impromptu visit to my local bookstore, I picked up James Patterson’s ,”The Christmas Wedding.”  I also picked up another little book called, “The Elegance of the Hedgehog.”  I’ll review that book when I finish it.

So many of you know that PAtterson is my chocolate.  He is my comfort when I need a good cry, a good plot twist, and sometimes just good old fashioned adventure.  Many people saw my book at work and had the same perplexed reaction, “Patterson writes romance?’ Yes he does.  And he does it very well, by the way.  He is as intense about his romance as he is about his thrillers and young adult novels.  Although I enjoyed reading this book I would highly recommend another book of his called, “Suzzane’s Diary for Nicholas,” talk about a tear jerker.

This book, “The Christmas Wedding,” is a fast paced, fast moving novel that tells the story of Gaby and her grown children.  Gaby is getting married on Christmas day, but she hasn’t revealed to whom.  there are three suitors, all very dear friends.  The story follows the events that lead up to her wedding, and the lives of her children leading up to that day.  She doesn’t reveal who she will marry until the very end, and I am disappointed that it wasn’t as big a twist as I thought, but it held my attention none-the-less.  There was one surprise on wedding day, and the sap that I am, brought me to tears…but it had nothing to do with Gaby.

All-in-all. this book moved very fast.  I read it in two days, maybe a total of five hours, probably less, but I do read fast.  This book isn’t as detailed as his YA books or thrillers, and think he chose to infer more rather than give outright details.  I suppose that is fine for a romance novel that is more dialogue than wordy substance.  My big complaint with the book is in the character of Gaby.  Whereas her children are all given very believable and real personalities, I just found it impossible to believe that Gaby was without flaws.  Without fault.  If anybody was that perfect then I would and could understand why she would have three proposals.  But Gaby is faced with many challenges brought on by her children and grandchildren, and not once did she flounder.  Each and every time she came through like a champ.  In my life, and maybe it’s just that I don’t live in a perfect world, but people around here have opinions.  Sometimes loud, sometimes cynical, usually sarcastic, but no one is as wonderful as Gaby.

I read in someone’s blog (I can’t remember who, sorry), but they said nobody wants to read about the perfect person.  We want to read real life, real personalities.  I loved this book for the fact that James (Mr.Patterson to you readers who don’t like chocolate), held my attention from page to page to find out just who Gaby was going to marry.  I did not like that Gaby was so pristine.  My overall rating would be 3.5 out of 5 stars, only being decreased due to the flawless main character and lack of amazing ending.  I would recommend reading this, but I would still recommend, “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas,” much better.  Visit me at Goodreads to see what else I am reading.


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