I’m a Writer, Not A Publicist!

The work end of writing for me is marketing and publicity.  I am faced, and plagued nightly, by the driving question: How will I market my book? If you knew me then you would know that I have no fear of speaking in public.  What I do fear is cold selling.  Could I sell snow to an Eskimo in Alaska? Absolutely.  If said Eskimo approached my booth and asked for information about purchasing snow and why it was a wise investment (I’d start of with global warming).  But can I stand out in the middle of ice and try to sell it to passersby? Nope.  I don’t like rejection (thus, waiting 38 yrs to publish a book).  So how am I supposed to market my book? It’s a subject I’ve been dodging for a while, mainly, because I knew I had plenty of time, but that time is running out faster than I run out of breath doing Zumba on expert. (Note to self: do more cardio).

Where to start? Well, let me start with what I have done so far.  I have ordered over 100 brochures to mail out to local media (newspapers, radio stations, cable network, libraries, schools, etc).  I have some postcard sized mailers to hand-out.  I have three small banners and several lawn signs to place around my city.  I have letterhead, matching envelopes, and matching labels.  I have business cards, business card magnets with my book image and website, pens, and tote bags for gifts if I land that local book signing gig…except with that I will have to cold sell myself and hence I cringe and back into the safety of my cave.  Wake me when I’ve sold 500 books.

I know most actors are extroverts, but are most writers introverts? Hmmm, I will have to research that, or maybe create a poll.  So, I have starting blogging (and yes, it was partly to shamelessly plug my book, but also to let others know how iuniverse has treated me, and also to allow people in my position to know what I am going thru…so it’s not all self fulfulling-only mostly 🙂 ).  I recently starting Tweeting, which still confuses me.  What the heck are all the hash tags about? I’ve created a book trailer, which was sooooo much fun.  I also created my website http://www.TaniaLRamos.com to let readers know what I am up to these days.  I think I have come a long way on my own, without really having to leave the solace of my cave.

So now what? Do I just sit and wait? Is there more I can be doing? I work semi-full time and when I’m not nursing then I’m mothering, so my time is limited, but I find myself spinning my wheels on what more can be done during the twilight hours.  Every morning I turn on my phone to check stats on websites, check email, check book progress and think, “Now what?” I know there is more to be done, because A writer’s job is never done, especially in self-publishing.  But how much can be done before a book comes out? I guess that is the real question.  I was told to hold a give-away contest when the book does come out, but how is that publicized? Where do I start? How do I move outside of my small community? How do I market to the masses?

“Damn it, Jim, I’m a writer not a publicity agent!”

‘Now, you’re a publicity agent.”

Trekky for life 😉



4 responses to “I’m a Writer, Not A Publicist!

  1. Kourtney Heintz

    Good luck! I think you’ve made some great decisions in terms of marketing. DO you belong to a regional writing group for RWA or MWA? It helps to network with fellow self-pubbed authors to learn what they are doing too.

    • I’m not part of any writing groups. I live in such a tiny community that we lack so much of the big city, or even larger community, interactions. But, hey, we have signal lights and a few paved roads…no complaints from me.

      • Kourtney Heintz

        I live in a small town in CT. 15K people. It might be worth looking into if there are any within an hour or two drive or just joining and getting on the email lists. You can meet critique partners through the group online and do all the interaction online too. 🙂 Just a thought.

      • I will have to check this out over the weekend. Maybe down the mountain there are some book groups.

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