I Think I Won…

Dear Tania L. Ramos,

We’ve completed our review of your manuscript in consideration for the Editor’s Choice award. The editing has strengthened your book tremendously, and it is close to Editor’s Choice quality. However, we have found some remaining errors that, while minor, need to be corrected for the manuscript to meet our standards for Editor’s Choice. We believe the editor should have corrected these errors.

In order to resolve the issue, we would like to conduct minor additional editing to ensure that your final product is as polished as possible. This additional editing will be performed at no cost to you.

Please click REPLY to let us know whether you are amenable to this additional work on our end. This will result in the Editor’s Choice award. Thank you!


That is the email I received two days ago…of course, I was too sick to care, dance a jig, or even let out a weak, “woo hoo.” I read the email quickly, closed the app, then fell asleep under my 103.9 degree coma.  Sad to say, I was just too sick to comprehend the words.  Well, I feel better today, and my sense of smell has returned…who sprayed the entire can of Lysol in my room is the question of the day.  I replied to the email, after making a quick phone call as to what “minor corrections,” needed to be made.  Turns out they were grammatical, there will be no restructuring of my work, no adding or deleting of information, only simple restructuring of sentences.  I still dangle my participles, which to me sounds like literary porn, and in my semi-well states causes me to giggle.  Don’t ask! Simple things make me giggle.

If I am interpreting this correctly, then I have won the Editor’s Choice Award, though, and maybe it’s just me, I feel like I can’t celebrate until I receive the actual email that states, “Congratulations on your Editor’s Choice Award!” Am I wrong? It doesn’t seem final yet.  Well, I will take the minor victory in that I have tremendously strengthened my manuscript to Editor’s Choice quality with the exception of fourth grade errors.  Hmmm, I passed english 101, 102, and 104 with over 100% in each class in college … maybe I should have taken english 40 (basic grammar) instead.

I am proud to say that in all the editing and revising (I believe it was four total), I did not compromise what I felt was right for my book.  There were many suggestions on changes and changing the characters personalities, but I held my ground and stuck my guns by way of keyboard.  I did modify a few things, but those were things I was already on the fence about, so having that second, third, and fourth opinion helped support my decision to make a few changes.  In the end, I do feel this is still 100% the book I wrote.  Most changes were grammatical, punctuation, and changing the point of view (the hardest part).  So, back to the waiting game to see what needs to be fixed, and that email that reads, “Congratulations.”  I will say this for iUniverse, they are very particular, which is a good thing for my manuscript, but bad for my patience factor.



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