Sweating Under My Ice-Pack

Yesterday, I thought I had stuffy sinuses, so I took an OTC (over-the-counter, for you laymen) pill and shoved off to work.  My legs felt funny, like they were cramping, and I assumed it was the caffeine in the pills I took making me jittery.   The further into the day, the worse I felt, until 8 hours later I was a red hot mess.  My head felt like a ballon filled with scorching helium, while my lips felt like they were about ready to explode.  Ever have sunburned lips? Mine were cooking from the inside out.  They felt like someone took a cheese grater and sliced off the top layer.  My eyes were swollen and competed with my brain for highest temperature in my body.  Meanwhile, those cramps in my legs turned out to be shivering, but I didn’t know because the pills I took had 1 gm of acetaminophen in them.  I’m attributing the fact that I made it through 8 hrs with a fever and shivering to the pills I took for my sinus pressure.

By the time I made it home and took my temp, I was 103.7, which peaked out at 103.9 later in the night.  I slept under blankets due to the shivering, meanwhile had an ice-pack on my eyes with another behind my neck to halt the ensuing spontaneous combustion.  As I did have Ibuprofen 800mg, but didn’t want to tear my already aching belly even further, I opted for children’s liquid motrin instead.  Do you know how hard it is to dose Motrin when your head is about to explode? It’s not easy.  I filled the dosage cup (later learned that was 500mg) and fell asleep for three hours.  I woke up sweating under my ice-pack.  True story.  The fever broke only to return a while later and again this morning.

My biggest gripe in all of it is not the fever, the feeling of nausea, the peeing myself with every sneeze (only a mother would know), it is the loss of a full day of work.  I am an on-call nurse which means I do not accrue benefits, including sick days, which in turn means I am out over $400 for calling out.  In good faith, I could not see working with patients straight out of surgery while I’m hacking over them.  I am hoping God will bless me for my ethics in this area.  So here I am, sitting in bed, spraying Lysol around me, drinking my Airborne, and staring at the tissues falling like snow (oooh, that’s almost poetic).  I am survived by two dogs, who don’t seem to care that I am a mess, and keep vigil on my bed (they sneeze at the Lysol).  Don’t think I will be catching up on much writing, or doing anything slightly productive today, and that sucks the most.  But I did have some wonderful fever induced dreams to jot down, one would make a great little horror story, so all’s well that ends well.  Except me…I’m not well.


3 responses to “Sweating Under My Ice-Pack

  1. Belle of Mountains

    Ugh…doesn’t sound fun! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Goodness…I hope you are better by now. Sounds like no fun. We had three people off this week and two others in with the lurgy. Sad days. Xb.

    • Much better, and several people at my job have been inflicted with the same bug. I’ve never been so sick that my spine actually hurt. It was yucky, but I’m almost back to normal. The sniffles remain, but that may be due to the icebox of a recovery room that I work in.

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