Bookstubs; a new E-era

Iuniverse has stepped into the 21st century by adding bookstubs to their packages, although, if my memory is correct, it means they have decreased the number of free hardcover copies included with the packages.  At first I was unsure if I liked that idea, mainly because I had no clue what in the world a bookstub was.  So my nerdy self went and did some Google searching on the topic.  Here is what I learned: Bookstubs are small credit card sized and shaped marketing tools that can be handed out in publicity.  What the card has on the front is a picture of your book cover, on the back is instructions on how to download the book for free.  So, in short, part of the package includes free e-reader download cards (bookstubs).  Brilliant!

According to some survey I ran across somewhere, it said e-readers brought back the “dead art” of reading.  I don’t care if kangaroos wearing pink tutus brings back the “dead art” of reading, as long as people are reading.  But of course, we would have to learn how to harness the potententiality of tutu wearing kangaroos.  What, iUniverse has done is harness the marketing potential of the future in electronic reading devices.  Granted, I’m not sure if bookstub signing events will make it big, but maybe they will.

Speaking of book signings, will bookstubs help? Every time I visist my local bookstore, I see people hovering around the e-reader section, most asking various questions.  There are even workshops for newbies held every Saturday.  Will bookstubs be a valuable weapon in the book arsenal? Heck, yes! WIth more and more people downloading via e-reader, then it would only make the utmost sense that authors offer bookstubs.  I have seen two different kinds.  One offers a free or discounted code on the bag of the card.  The other is offered at full price, but gives your buyer a collector’s card that CAN be signed.

I am thrilled to now be offered bookstubs as part of the package and sincerely hope that they will be part of my package, since I purchased my package three months ago. All you authors out there, go search bookstubs (several providers) and add these little cards to your publicity package.


10 responses to “Bookstubs; a new E-era

  1. Very interesting, informative article…

  2. That’s a good idea. I’d not heard of those though I can’t get the image of the tutu wearing kangaroo 🙂

  3. Had to add a bit of visual comedy. 😉

  4. I recently got published. I was contemplating adding bookstubs to my package. Can I sell these stubs along with my books at book signing events?

    • You can sell them at booksigning events, after all you paid for them. Many people use them for marketing purposes, but there is not one solid purpose for use. Whether marketing, gifting, trading, or selling the plain fact is that so many people are on ereaders now that we have to actively hit that market.

  5. If bookstubs give instructions on how to download for free, how do I make money out of handing them out? This may be a silly question, as I’m nowhere near catching up with how this sort of technology works.

    • Bookstubs are geared more toward marketing. Let’s say you want to set up an event at a bookstore, it would be nice to send them a publicity packet along with a bookstub so they can download the book. Also, if you attend a literary event like a book festival and meet an agent or blogger or reviewer, you can hand them a bookstub the same as giving them a business card. These are definitely marketing tools.

  6. Thank you so much. you’ve been very helpful.

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