Quality Review Verdict from iUniverse

I received my quality review from iUniverse today, which really surprised me since I was told it could take 2-4 weeks.  It took less than one week.  The only places where there were corrections were in the THREE places I had to revise.  These editors are like bad grammar magnets, like rabid, pitbull, misplaced comma detectors.  I rewrote a total of FIVE sentences in three different areas, and wouldn’t ya know, those were all the sentences to be corrected.  I stand firm that I should return to a basic grammar and punctuation class.  My biggest fault is consistently leaving out the subject, (he,she) because I am trying to not say the words all the time.  It kills me to have every sentence say, “he said/he did/ he answered,” and things to that nature.  So I tend to casually leave out the subject when it comes in the middle of a sentence and I feel my readers would already know the person in the sentence is, “he.”  Guess I was grammatically wrong…but not morally or creatively.

So I browsed through the corrections and sent back the manuscript a few minutes ago.  My personal quality review of iUniverse.com so far remains positive.  They have delivered everything they have promised, in a timely manner, and in a professional manner.  My only concern is that everything seems to lead into something else.  Now that I have dropped a large sum of money for an editorial review, content edit, and finally quality review, I am prompted to now purchase their proof-reading service which costs 0.011 cents per word, bringing my grand total to about $1,100.00 for that service.  My entire purchase total for package and editorial services and proof read,should I choose this option, would total over $7k.  OMG! And I tend to use that term lightly, but really?

What the proof-reading does is ensure that when my book is changed from its 8″ x 11.5″ standard sheet of paper into book size print, that there are no discrepancies in formatting.  My eyes have rolled behind my head with this new fee.  It’s only comparable to purchasing a car and they say it’s $300 a month and you agree then go to sign the purchase agreement and they say, “for an additional $100 a month you get GAP insurance, and for an additional $10 you get roadside assistance, and for $35 more a month we will give it some special sealing coat to protect from the sun, and for $24 a month you get satellite (okay, so I paid the satellite, BUT I haggled).” That is my comparison. Will I pay? Probably not, mostly because this book has broken my bank account and I don’t know what my return will be.  Thanks to the book trailer at YouTube, many people have responded by saying they will definitely purchase when the book comes out, but the future is uncertain and I can only pray that I break even before the end of the world in Dec 2012.  I really don’t want to die in debt, but that’s just me.  I want to go with a clean conscience and debt free.

I am not sure where my book goes from here.  I think they start working on the cover now.  I also do not know if I am eligible for the Editor’s Choice Award.  I will have to call my consultant on that one.  All in all, my review of iUniverse is still quite favorable, but unless you have a good friend who does editing at a, “friend’s discount,” then be prepared to dish out some cash for editorial services.  They are worth the price in my opinion, just costly…but no more or less than the competition.  I would also like to add that they keep up with times, I just noticed they have now added book stubs to their packages.  I will explain what those are in another blog, but they are very cool.  Thanks for reading.


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