Link to my Book Trailer on YouTube

     I spent all morning tweeking this video, “Be Still Book Trailer Spring 2012.”  I was going to wait to upload it until I had the pdf file of the book cover, but after much research I have learned that it is better to build a, “coming soon,” trailer for exposure.  Kind of like a commercial that runs for three weeks before the movie comes out.  Tell me what you think.  I am working on the strange pixilation, when it is resolved I will upload that one.  Here it is for now.  Hope it builds anticipation.  Oh and I am now on Twitter, but I’m not sure I quite understand it just yet.  Not even sure how to send people to my Twitter page, but I’m registered as tanialramos or something @tanialramos.  I’m not sure.  I’m going to watch some kid movies now. Have a good day everyone.


3 responses to “Link to my Book Trailer on YouTube

  1. I think that’s a good trailer. I’ve only just started seeing book trailers but they do seem a good idea to build a little anticipation towards your release date. Best of luck with it.

    You can add your twitter as a widget in the Appearance part of your dashboard. You can add the last few tweets and include a button for people to follow you direct from your blog page. Enjoy twitter, it can drain a LOT of your time but once you find the balance it is a great place to meet and chat with people.

    • Thank you. I used to play on Facebook all the time, but I have a very low attention span, so I think I’ll get tired of Twitter pretty fast, too. But I was told to cover all my “free” media bases for publicity. I like blogging most, because I get to write my ideas and feels more natural.

  2. I love it! Got my attention. I can’t wait for the book.

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