Needing Instant Gratification

     I received my manuscript back two days ago with minimal content errors.  My grammar, however, sucks! Apparently I have no clue what a dangling participle is, and teeter on the lines of grammatical idiocy.  Seriously, third graders have better grammatical skills than I do.  In fact, every comma in the last four sentences is probably in the wrong spot.  My manuscript came back oozing of Microsoft Blue correction marks.  Luckily, and thank you Iuniverse, they also create something called a “Clean Manuscript,” which is where all the grammar and punctuation has been fixed.  All I have to do is revise a few content errors.  Such as: I put the age of a kid as seven in one spot then ten in the next paragraph.  I also used the word, “perilous” out of context (which isn’t true, but we didn’t see eye to eye).  In the end I changed the word to intimidating, although it worked I have been kicking myself for changing it, because I was right and they didn’t see the creativity in it.

     It took me three hours to fix my content mistakes and in the end was satisfied with the “final” manuscript.  I have to say Iuniverse really does what they advertise so I have been pleasantly excited.  My manuscript was sent into the editorial review department yesterday morning and now goes into phase 3, another editorial review.  This review will be much like the first except this is the determining factor as to whether I am nominated for “Editor’s Choice.”  The Editor’s Choice award is given to Iuniverse books that they deem noteworthy.  This is important because with this award comes certain extras that aide in publicity at no extra cost to the author (that’s me…yay me).  I am super excited.  So excited I could do a cheer, and if you knew me, the you would know I am not the cheerleader type.  I’m more of a mascot…peppy, but hide behind a mask.  So phase 3 will take 2-4 weeks and during that time I get to sit on pins and needles.  Not quite a wonderful feeling. 

    This waiting thing isn’t very fun, and I’m one of those people who like instant gratification…like a teenager.  I order something online then I want it next day.  I don’t want to wait 3-5 days.  Around this house when a package shows up we all sit around until the receiver of the package comes home, then we jump up and down until that person opens the package.  I’m serious, it could be a package full of blank paper, but we have to see it to satisfy our urge of gratification.  Waiting my initial two weeks for a review was hard enough.  Then I had two weeks of correction.  Then 3 weeks to get it back from content edit and another 2 days of correction.  Now its 2-4 weeks in quality review, then cover copy and polish which can be 2 more weeks.  I want to see my book NOW! That’s not asking too much. 

     Sigh.  Sigh.   Gasp.  Deep breath.  Here’s to hoping for a late April release.  Still working on my book trailer, but can’t finish it until the cover copy is done.  Being stagnant blows.  I need to move forward.


5 responses to “Needing Instant Gratification

  1. Since you mentioned package, one came for you today, I mean two, so we’re all waiting for you downstairs to open it. Hurry up and get downstairs. I can’t wait to see what you got. I’m expecting 4 packages withing the week. Lets have a party!

  2. I suck at grammar too. I actually have friend to looks over my work. It’s hard for her to read a draft of something I wrote and not correct it. But congraulation! What is the book name. What genre do you write?

    • I always correct my kid’s english papers, even their text messaes for grammar. Maybe now I’ll leave them all alone. They probably got it right .
      The name of my book is, “Be Still.” According to two reviews it falls in general fiction, but I dabble in scifi because it is so limitless. Book should be out late April or early May, but my first book is a free read at, serach Tania L Ramos to find it. Now that I know what mistkes i’ve made I wish i could revise that first book, but the harddrive with that copy crashed.

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