Snoring Conspiracy Tried to Ruin My Book Trailer

     I feel awful not being able to blog all week, but working all day and coming home to immediately run my son off to school keeps my days busy.  By the time I get home I pass out…and snore!! It’s not very lady like, but I still hold to the fact that I snore like a princess (not a chainsaw like my boyfriend).  I spent a few nights working on my book trailer and doing some research.  Have I ever mentioned I’m a nerd when it comes to doing things? I have to research everything and play the numbers game.  In my last blog I said it costs $4-19K to have someone produce a book trailer and I thought I could do it better and cheaper.

     I spent about $250 in conversion software and  video downloads to make my trailer.  It is still raw but I think it is coming along nicely.  I downloaded everything in standad format and wish I would have upgraded to media which would have been about $150 more and about $500 more for HD, but live and learn on that one.  My raw file is on windows movie maker for now which I can’t upload to the blog for review, so I’m working on a better format with my video converter. 

     My son showed me a few new fonts but we had trouble downloading those so I am still working on that, too.  I wish I could say looking through a million videos and pics was fun, but it just wasn’t.  It gets quite tedious and burns my eyes and when my eyes grow tired I start seeing floaties which is a major distraction.  Then I spent endless hours listening to music and had my son eventually tie in two songs for a nice break and change in pace.  The kid is brilliant with stuff like that, unfortunately he gets a bit lazy when it is not something he enjoys doing.  Everyone says the video looks good, but the kid says, “I hate the font!” Yet does nothing to help fix the problem.  Then again this is my gamer kid, my blow up the world with napalm, and alien abduction theories kid…not sure I want him to choose my font.  It’d be some weird alien doodle that blows up in the end.  Not at all fitting with my theme, but he did approve of the armageddon video clip.  The military really needs to pick up this kid.

     I suppose my boyfriend also took witness to a different side of me (and he’s still here so kuddos to the boyfriend) while I was working on this.  His best advice is, “just use that one.”  I told him he wasn’t inside my creative genius and I couldn’t just, “use that one,” because it was the first thing to pop on the screen.  I had to explain that if I spent over $200 then it had to be great not just good, and if I spent over $500 then it darn well better be the best video ever created by man (or woman).  Then he saw the original video and said, “its good, Honey.” I shook my head.  It was okay, but nothing was in sync, which leads me to believe he works for some other author who seeks to destroy the future of my career by infiltrating my life by placing a wonderful man that I would fall in love with only so he could detour me from reaching greatness by saying things such as, “it’s good, Honey.” Or…as my son would suggest…perhaps he is an alien intelligence decoy.  Hmmmmm.

     All in all I had to sit the perpetrator, I mean my boyfriend alien decoy, down and explain that when my name is attached to something it can’t just be, “okay,” it has to be amazing.  It has to be stunning.  Eye catching.  A spiritual experience.  Most of all, it has to make people want to read this book.  After all, it is a commercial to plug the book and show off my writing skills.  A commercial can’t be mediocre.   Mediocre publicity would be associated with the book and that is not good or acceptable.  After seeing my intesity and frutration he dropped the subject, turned around, and began to snore like a bear with sleep apnea… I couldn’t work the rest of the night because snoring is about as distracting at a gooey hot fudge sundae sitting on my lap, and thus the alien conspiracy theory and other author infiltration theory grew.   It took over 40 hrs to research and get to where the video is at today, and assume it will take another 5-10hrs to finish, but I can’t do that until I have a pdf of the book cover to plug in at the end.

     Thanks for keeping up with me and my crazy ideas of publicity.  And just remember to ak yourself, “when he’s snoring, what is he trying to keep me from accomplishing?” It’s probably a conspiracy.  That one’s for you, Honey.


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